I am a person that is hard to fool, but Pioneer Family Pools managed to do it. We paid $270 for the pool opening. My expectation was I would swim after they open a pool, instead 2 very young workers, probably students, removed a tarp from the pool, connected a pipe and left us with a box of pool winter chemicals. When I called customer service, they said that company did exactly what I paid for. So, I paid $270 just for the tarp removal because winter chemicals we could not use in June anyway. I was very disappointed. I would not write this review, but Pioneer Family Pools keep sending me emails with pictures of the pools before and after. DO NOT BELIEVE! It is not the truth. They just fool people and make easy money, but with this level of service I am sure it will not last long. Wa

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Company Response

Hi Nataliya, yes very sorry but the pool opening does not include a vacuum or chemical treatment. It is the cover removal and reconnection of your plumbing and equipment. Some of our locations offer additional vacuuming services for an additional fee, but not all of them. I am sorry we didn't properly manage your expectations, but this would not have been part of what you had paid for. We would never want you to feel like there is intent for this to be misleading. I will speak to the team to properly communicate this, or communicate this better in the future. You will notice several other companies perform the same services for additional fees.