Jay and Jason did a great job on getting rid of the old deck and installing the new one. They provided great design suggestions as well as explained the pros and cons of the various building material options. Jay was really responsive and I had barely clicked "send" on a text message and he was answering even if it was later in the evening. Jason is a true craftsman and went above and beyond in ensuring the deck was exactly what we were looking for. He explained all the steps he was going through, the plans for the complete project, etc. He was willing to make any changes if we weren't completely satisfied but nothing needed to be changed as it was so well planned in advance. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Green Side Up Contracting for any similar projects.

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Company Response

Hi David,

Thank you so very much for your support, for you business and most off all thank you so much for putting your trust into Green Side Up Contracting.

You and your mom were an absolute pleasure working with and we would welcome the opportunity to work with you again in the future.


Jay Saveall

“Protecting Your Investment”

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The doors hadn't been sliding smoothly for awhile and my parents contacted Mr Handyman Toronto Central. The guy seemed to be clueless. After taking the doors down, he put the greasy bottom on the carpet and had to be asked to move it and clean up. He discovered a cracked wheel which required a trip to Home Depot. He said he had some netting in the truck and offered to repair the screen door. Once he started, he realized he did not have enough material. Off to Home Depot again. Finally he claimed the reason the door was no longer snug was because the frame was bent. It was pointed out to him to lift the rubber guard and things slid back into place. Several hours later the job was done and the doors now slide better. Use them again? Not a chance

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I brought in the blade on a Saturday thinking they would do it that day. I was surprised when they said it could take several days but that it would likely be ready on Monday. After more than a week I had heard nothing so I called and was told it was still not done. I told them I would be by later that day to pick it up even if it wasn't't done. I showed up a few hours later and found the job was done. I emailed twice to ask about the poor customer service and never received a reply.

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