My apartment heat pump wasn't working consistently and was making loud ratting noises. Premier Comfort was the only company to respond to my request who seemed to know about the particular system in my apartment. Unfortunately, the service was poor. I was charged for 1.5 hours of labour even though most of that time was spent by the technician going back to his car to get tools and supplies that he forgot. I understand this can sometime be an issue downtown but three back and forth trips to the truck seems excessive especially when they're on the clock. After all that time, the problem also wasn't fixed and the heat pump still makes very loud noises. I called the technician again after a couple days to follow-up and was told that he would look into the issue and call back with a solution the next day. It's been a few weeks now and I've never heard back. My biggest issue is that after all that money spent, the issue still isn't resolved and now I have to find another company and try again.

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