I had three different engineers who advised against A wall removal as it was not possible as they believed the wall to be a load bearing wall before reaching out to Sauzteq. I had totally given up on removing of my wall as the professional opinions I received all said it wasn’t possible and one opinion said it would be possible but with many support beams which defeated the purpose for the removal. At this point, I was disappointed and decided to put my project on hold. A few months later, it was time for me to start my renovation and having my heart set on an open concept I decided to have one last consult. Mohammed came, he analyzed the structure from the outside. He came in, did his measurements, and asked if there was an attic. None of the other consults i had asked for an attic hatch. Sure enough I had one, and mohammad went into the attic and investigated, identified the roof structure as an engineered truss. He asked if he could perform a cut test in my ceiling to analyze the wall I was hoping to remove further. After the cut test he said, there is a possibility of removing the structure, but he would need to estimate the strength of the roof among other things before providing an official opinion. 2 business days later he advised that it was not a load bearing roof, he provided the necessary letters and drawings for city permits. He exceeded my expectations, satisfied the city inspectors, he provided support and feedback to the general contractor throughout, he was absolutely fantastic. Thank you, for making this renovation everything I had wanted and more. which allows the roof to rest on the exterior walls.

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Company Response

Hi Amandeep, Thank you so much for taking the time to write this positive review about SauzTeq Engineering. It was a pleasure working with you and hope to do your next project as well.