Having done roofing myself in the past and being experienced with home renovations, I spent quite a bit of time researching the different roofing materials and systems before reaching out to 8 or 9 different contractors. From the beginning my experience with Shawn at Rydel was nothing but positive. He was only one two reps who spent time listening and addressing my concerns, answering my questions and further educated me on different products. I did not feel pressured or rushed to make a decision. Many contractors were quick to say they do this or that but Shawn explained in details Rydel’s procedures step by step which they followed through when they did the job. Their crew were nice and professional, and I am pleased with the work they did. I inspected the roof myself and it looks great. Despite being windy that day, the guys did a good job cleaning up the property from debris and garbage from the job. Like most construction job, it is unlikely that everything goes without a hitch. In our case, we had a drywall screw pop through the ceiling when a bundled of shingles was dropped on the roof. We have cathedral ceiling and the roof consists of 2 x 8 covered with a sheet of plywood on the outside and drywall on the inside, no attic. I think it was just bad luck the shingles fell right where the crew was. I mentioned this to the job supervisor during the inspection the next day and to Shawn when he dropped off the warranty paper. Both apologized and offered to have it fixed without even seeing it. I turned down their offer as I am still finishing renovations inside and it is an easy fix for me to do. To me, their reaction to the issue is what was important. I felt they were sincere in wanting to have it fixed and ensure we were happy with the job. I have no problem recommending Rydel Roofing. Thanks for the great job!

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