I initially just wanted two smaller pieces of stone so I purchased a remnant. I choose a smaller remnant but it was still so much more than I needed so I told them I would add in two shelves as well just to fill out the remnant. When I went to go pick up my remnant I wondered where the off cuts were from the piece I bought. The largest off cut would have been 12"x19". I was told at that time it has been thrown away. I went over to the office to complaint that material I purchased was thrown out and was given a totally different story. The man here said they keep and resell off cuts, and do not give them to customers and that I had only been charged for the actual square inches I was taking home from the remnant, (ie, it was discounted from the listed price for what was used). However I was never told about any discount and it never was shown on an invoice. Secondly, when I explained I was adding in the shelves simply to fill out the remnant, I should have been told at this point this was not needed. That I would only be charged for what I used. If the off cut was thrown out as I was told first, that is material I paid for when I bought the remnant so that is not right. If it being kept as I was told secondly, then why even list prices on remnants? It should just be a square inch price. Thirdly, I was told pieces that small are too delicate to keep around and usually break. Weird considering pieces I actually ordered were even smaller than this. So is every sample in their showroom. So again, bogus. I asked that the off cut be delivered to me or that $150 be refunded to only partially cover the cost of the extra I was tricked in to buying. A trick by omission of information. No one wanted to find a resolution and when Leslie finally called me almost a week later to discuss, it was clear she had no interest in making this batter and simply talked over top of me as a way to end the conversation. Incredibly frustrating experience. I feel ripped off and no one there seemed to care. I would not recommend unless a headache is what you're after. On a side note, the product was okay, but holes that they drilled were very sloppy. More oval than circle, lots of chipping out and they don't really go straight down, they are at a slight angle.

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