At first they were about 3 hours late, after many phone calls and emails finally they showed up very unprepared, they did a messy job, basically they take over my house, from their jackets, boots and all their tools from our entrance to our TV room, the lady used our washroom without even asking and did not have the courtesy to leave the fan on or cline after herself. After 5 hours of problem after problem, with an inspection prior to the installation day and promising 18 to 20 channels we end up with only 5 channels, they said will come back with another item to fix the problem -never heard of them again, today is exactly 3 months from the installation day. Worst of all they started an unrelated conversation with our tent and spending about and an hour and half to just hook his TV, after all we had to deal with our tent’s complain. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THEM AT ALL.

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Company Response

Hello Al,

Thank you for your feedback. Our installation took place on February 24, a day when there was heavy snowfall. As stated

when we contacted you, our delay was due to the fact that it took an hour to clear our driveway, and then traffic was

difficult. We gave you the option of rescheduling for another day, but you declined.

As we work outdoors, we must dress for the weather. This means that when we enter your home to complete the installation,

our winter clothing will be removed. We do our best to place it out of the way, but if you preferred us to have placed our

things elsewhere we would have been happy to accommodate your request.

The installation took longer than usual due to the wiring in your home being complicated. We spoke with your tenant to try to determine where the wires were in the basement and where it would be appropriate to install new wires. A typical install takes three hours, but Shin explained before we started that it would take longer than this. Proper installation takes time, and you had indicated previously that you expected us to be finished in an hour so we rebooked for a day when you would have more time for us to do the job.

The part required was a VHF attachment. Shin recommended an inexpensive option that was readily available to us, but you

said you would like the Clearstream attachment. Shin left you a message letting you know the price of the part was much

higher than expected, and since we never heard back from you we assumed you did not want it.

We received an e-mail from you May 21 saying you had lost most of your channels. We e-mailed you back the next day asking

for your availability, and we received no response from you. If you would like an appointment for warranty service, please get in touch with us again.