Servicemaster was very quick to come in to do emergency tear out of basement. The project manager did a ‘quick’ quote of the work that needed to be replaced and repaired. The quote was based on very inexpensive materials to be put into the basement. Many spaces(closets, stairs) were not accounted for in the quote. We were not happy with the quote and we eventually had to involve the adjuster and his manager to get the basement quoted again and get better quality materials placed in the basement. This conversation went on for months. The basement was finally completed 7 months later. The quality of the work was good, as were the timelines for completion once the work started. We eventually told Servicemaster that we no longer wished to work with the original project manager (Ray) and a second project manager (Daniel) took over. He was great. We are pleased with the completed project, but not the time and effort required to get the job done to our specifications. Lesson to be learned: Check your quotes carefully to make sure you are getting quality materials and that the measurements are exact.

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Company Response

Hello Mr. & Mrs. Lantz,

Thank you for taking the time to review our company. We are sorry to hear that your experience was less than ideal. We were rather surprised to see that you have rated us a 30% score. To address your points, we are required by your insurance carrier to attend and scope the loss and provide an estimate on the replacement value of the existing materials and affected areas. We generated our estimate doing just that and presented it to your insurance carrier. It is unfortunate that the value of the older existing building materials was not in alignment with what it was you wanted to have as a replacement, and we could not in good faith list areas of the home that were not affected by the water loss to present for coverage. We understand there was substantial communication between you and your adjuster and they were generous enough to extend the requests you were seeking for the upgrades and the additionally requested areas. Between the time of final approval VS the scope changes requested by yourself, requesting special materials we had to order (e.g.: wallpaper, customized wood paneling, etc.) and also by the availability of several sub-trades that worked on the project, it is unfortunate of the perceived time delay on ServiceMaster's part. Once this was all approved and by the time you had your own contractor in to finish the basement waterproofing, we commenced in a very timely manner and have documented weekly updates on the progress. Our PM Assistant Daniel attended upon completion for final sign off and walk though, and was pleased at your contentment with the final product.

We wish you many years of good health and memories in your newly restored home.

If you would like to contact me to discuss this further, please contact me at 905-415-1774.

Steve Gregg
ServiceMaster Restore Markham