I chose Davel to cover my front porch, steps and patio, which they had to build first, approx. 200 sq.' with flagstone 4 years ago. Over each winter, minor issues developed which we noticed in the following spring such as grout shrinking, mortar underneath breaking down, in small areas. They came back each time to fix everything with no questions asked. Same thing happened again this past winter. When David got here, he checked everything. Then I received a call from Tom telling me that the best way to fix it, once and for all is to remove EVERYTHING and re-do it all, starting from scratch. Both my wife and I were shocked that THEY wanted to go to the trouble and expense to make it right for now and the future. We didn't ask for it to be re-done. They're the one's that wanted to do it. It cost them for 4 men for 3 full days and all the materials they had to use. This level of service and commitment to make sure that their work is perfect, after 4 years, is astounding. David is even going to come back next spring to check it and make sure that everything is still perfect. The level of skill and detail that David and his men put to into their work is remarkable: checking everything as they go to make sure that the stone fits perfectly, that everything is square and level. It's amazing to watch them working. and they clean up after themselves: no mess what so ever. Tom and David were a pleasure to work with. Even their guys are friendly and polite. This is the company to use. They stand behind their work 110%. I'm fairly confident that if it was another company that I had used, it would probably have been a battle to get the issues fixed. Not with these guys. I highly recommend them.

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Thanks Henry, unfortunately from time to time repairs are necessary for a variety of reasons. We stand by our workmanship and will always deal with any issues as soon as possible. Thanks for the great review.