Work done sloppily and in a haste. I bought the package "Eavesthrough Gutter Cleaning". They left over visible debris in the gutters. When asked about that they said "they don't clog the downspouts". The package I bought includes removing debris, not just that which clogs. Asked for installing some downspout extensions. They charged for it but work done improperly and in a rush: when it was raining water was spilling over the gutters because they cut it too short (even though I provided enough pipe for it). I had to redo half the job. Friendly but unprofessional. And when it is me who pays (and $400 for less than 1 hour of work), I expect some professionalism.

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Company Response

Our first bad review :) We knew this day would come!


I am very sorry that you felt our work was sub par, but as mentioned to you many times, in many ways, your eavestroughs were cleaned to the industry standard and were brought back to full functionality. You had much debris and various balls within your gutters blocking the water flow, and they were all removed. The work was not done in a rush. It was done as we do every other job. That means we stay there as long as the job requires. We explained to you why we cut the downspout extensions the way we did and you seemed to fully understand, but yet it has become a complaint again. And of course we would be more than willing to come back to redo anything we have done wrong, but for some reason that was out of the question for you. Our price was correct, we did the job, we offered to come back, there is nothing more we could have done for you. Feel free to use another company in the future. Perhaps they will be "more professional".

Have a nice day!

Stephanie Headley


I am happy that my basement is now patched up and ready for the rainy/wintry season. Gentleman who did the work is a great guy and worked hard to fix my basement (for which I'm grateful), but there is some room for improvement on interaction with customers. Thank you.

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Company Response

Hi Daniel, I am very sorry to hear your experience. This is not how we run our business and this issue will be addressed immediately. We have called and left you a voicemail to make this situation right with you. Please give us a call back at your earliest convenience We look forward to talking with you.