There work fine but the running of aircondition I’m not satisfied because during the night the aircon is not working if you guys can fixed it it’s better

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Company Response

Hello Mrs Aldave,

I'm sorry you are having difficulty understanding how your thermostat works. As we showed you on the day of the install, over the phone twice and when we stopped by, the AC unit will not turn on if the temperature in the house is lower than what you have the thermostat set to.
If the house temperature is at 21°C and your thermostat is set to cool your house to 22.5°C, the thermostat will not turn the AC on as the house temperature is already below the set point.
Your new system is operating properly and the way it is supposed to operate.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions!

Paul Headley
Synergy Heating and Cooling Inc.