In 2016, I had another roofing company - not Reid's - replace the shingles on the low slope roof of my home and at the same time had an electrician install an exhaust fan in the main floor bathroom. That Christmas, during unusually warm weather and a family dinner, water started dripping down the dining room light onto the dinner table from the ceiling. After looking into the attic the following morning we found frost and ice everywhere – particularly around the area of the new exhaust fan. The shingle company came out and installed a few more whirlybirds thinking that would fix the problem. The electrician also came out and insulated the fan which should have been done during the initial installation. Neither action fixed the problem. Large stains on the ceiling started to appear in the main floor hallway and foyer. After two years and the staining simply getting worse without anyone seeming to know what to do, I called Reid’s in the fall of 2018. They had been recommended by a commercial engineering roofing company whose techs were trained by the experts at Reid’s on just the problem I was experiencing with my home – moisture in the attic. Pete from Reid’s came out and looked at the stains on the ceiling and the frost/ice in the attic. He analyzed the problem immediately and had two of his technicians booked to repair the problem the following week. Pete was so professional and knew exactly what the problem was as soon as he saw the stains on the ceiling as that’s the kind of roof repair Reid’s specializes in and he had seen dozens. Basically, the techs spray foam-insulated the attic, particularly around the exhaust fan but they went looking for spots where it appeared to need the insulation. And It Worked! I can’t tell you how relieved I was this past winter – or one year after the Reid’s repair – when I looked in the attic (several times) and couldn’t find one single spot of frost or ice – my attic was as dry as the day I bought my home! I would highly recommend Reid’s! Kelly Guest

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Kelly, We sincerely appreciate your review! Pete is exceptional at what he dos and has the up most pride in ensuring we actually fix the problem rather than masking it with other repairs. We are happy that the Reid's Team was able to help with your attic/ insulation needs. We strongly appreciate your support and referrals!