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I have been battling for over a year with a pest in my attic. I went to two other companies before this one. First one because their specialty was wildlife, they couldn't help me. They returned my money. I went with another pest control company who inspected and set bait but they couldn't find what was making the noise in my walls. As a last resort I tried this company. I explained my situation in detail cause I was hesitate to throw more money at the problem without real solutions. I have never seen anything in my home, but noises in the wall and signs outdoors of rat/mice action. They assured me they were specialists and not only would they fix the problem, but keep coming until fixed. Well...NO...when they came they placed bait in the home(not needed)charged me extra for baiting the outside of the home(apparently the price did not include outside baiting???)and overall increased the cost on the spot from that given over the phone. The salt in the wound was being told the service was only for 6mos, not a year like to first two companies! I called again as after a month I was still hearing the creature in my walls. They sent someone else out but because he found nothing...I got no service. I explained the animal is active at nights and they come first thing in the morning?I was told they would discuss and come back with a plan and thermal cameras. Its been three weeks and NO CALL BACK. I do not recommend this company because nothing they said was honoured!

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I contracted Gates Wildlife several weeks ago to resolve a problem with mice/rats in my attic. The service received by an employee was not up to my standards nor were the results favorable. Brad took the time to hear the issues, provide his expert advice and make recommendations on how I might receive better results. I now understand that not all animals can be removed humanly. I appreciate Brad's time, his courtesy and willingness to make the situation right though unable to assist further with my problem. More aggressive actions are necessary in my case and as Gates Wildlife's aim is to resolve issues in the most humanly way possible. Thanks Brad!

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Hi Merate,

I am very sorry that we were unable to solve your mouse issue through our humane approach. However, I was pleased to refund you the entire amount you paid to us, honouring our money back guarantee. I hope that you can find a quick resolution to your mouse problem. Brad Gates, B.Sc., Owner / President, HomeStars Best of Award Winner 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015.