I see a lot of bad comments about this company. I feel quite lucky I didn't have these issues myself. Now, I do see where these comments are coming from but I haven't personally had these problems. I have been exposed to some lack of customer satisfaction issues but overall, I am very happy with my home and like its design compared to similar models at the same price level and think that they are a quality builder even if they lack that customer satisfaction issue.

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I had a high efficiency gas furnace put in by this company. Contacted their Brampton location initially. There was a lady manager who ended up visiting my home to give me an estimate. I was very happy with her presentation and her knowledge and decided to go with them. I am glad I did and all details went as planned. The installers were also quite knowledgeable and very friendly. I have to say my new furnace is not comparable to my original heating unit and I surely see the difference in my gas bills.

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