Well, I guess I should have read the reviews here first. My refrigerator broke down and I called them in for a repair. The technician explained that the issue could be either the controller or the compressor. I specifically told them if the compressor needed to be replaced that I did not want to proceed with the repair. He told me the compressor was fine and that only the controller needed to be repaired. The refrigerator worked for less than a day before it broke down again. I called them back in on warranty, and surprise!, I was told that teh compressor required replacement. I was quoted $1,420 for the work. I was told initially that they could offer me a 15% discount, and subsequently 20%. So I'm supposed to be happy that I am paying $700 + another $1,136? I would have expected that they would offer to do the repair for the cost of the part and waive the installation cost. Am I being unreasonable?

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Alex repaired a leaky shutoff valve. He reconfigured the layout of the lever and piping so that I can drain the extra water in the winter and so that the outside valve is easier to attach a hose to. He was thorough and very professional.

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Thank you for your great review. We are working hard to keep our customers happy providing an excellent service at a reasonable price
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