Since we live in a wooded area we’re used to share our property with wildlife and we don’t mind. Even skunks are welcome... FOR A VISIT. However, we found out recently that one of them had decided to make herself at home under our shed. We figured a close encounter of the smelly kind wouldn’t be that pleasant so I contacted A-1 Checkmate Wildlife Removal & Prevention for help. My main concern was to make sure mom and her babies (if there were any) would be treated humanely and relocated safely. I was convinced Louis was the right man for the job based on the business reputation and comments from previous clients. Louis didn’t take long to get back to me. In our case, the nest was empty (too bad for me, I would have loved to see tiny Pepe Le Pew) but Louis had to cut the shed floor to locate it. Once we were sure there was nobody home, he fixed the floor and secured the bottom of the shed all around (definitely no more tenants under there). When he was done, the place looked as if no work had been done. Obviously, Louis takes pride in his work and he’s very nice to deal with. Highly recommended!

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Thanks you Marlene for this review
I try to return all call as fast as possible but unfortunately the volume of call some it's almost impossible to response to each and everyone but I will definitely try my best to returning all call
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