We recently completed a whole house renovation with Ashton Renovations. The core project took approximately 4 months and then a few months for final finishes after we moved back in. We completely gutted the kitchen, bathroom, all the wood floors are new, windows and exterior doors all new on the main, paint throughout, updated plumbing and electrical. The results are outstanding and the quality is excellent. After interviewing several contractors, we actually lost confidence that we could get this job done within the budget we wanted to spend (and the scope we wanted). Mark's relaxed but organized, flexible and consultative approach to renovation projects restored our confidence, and is what made this a success for us. We liked his approach to project management, and his process/steps right away and helped make it easier for us to understand what to do. I also appreciated having his guidance in materials selection sources that was within our style, quality needs and budget. The whole team is easy to work with, friendly and are passionate about what they do. Having never renovated before, it took a little longer than we anticipated with some delays (unavoidable) - make sure to assume more time than you think and expect some challenges. We are already planning our basement renovation with Mark and can't wait to get started!

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Company Response

Hi Erin

It really was a pleasure being in your home, and all the guys I must say felt the same way.

Thanks for initially sharing your experience about finding a contractor, and some of those challenges. I found that very informative and interesting. We are glad in the end that we were able to help you out and get your house renovated.

I do try to be relaxed because sometimes renovations can be stressful with a lot going on. LOL But that’s why I always say it’s about following a system, and then all is well. I’m glad you found this helpful. I do have to give credit, to be honest though, to Builder Trend - our project management software provider. They help us keep things tremendously organized, as well as our clients informed.

Your basement plans are coming soon, and we are very much looking forward to transforming that space too.

Mark Ashton