Well it's over six months since we placed the order for a new door. Original installation was supposed to be November, then December, finally mid March. The door was kind of installed, when we noticed that the color doesn't match what we ordered. The company has done a poor job at even trying to show us what the origin color was supposed to be. On top of that they removed the door bell, and never put it back. The door lock will not operate will out pushing the door closed. The company is forcing us to take the wrong color. You can right down any color you want on a contract and deliver it. Then just say it matches it. This is your idea of what maybe or may not be right. Then funny enough, your salesman doesn't even work for you anymore. The guy who actually showed us the color we wanted. They refuse to give us the right door, and demanding payment. DO NOT EVER BUY FROM THESE GUYS.

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Company Response

Mr. & Mrs. K I am investigating your concerns. The door bell was not re-installed as the installer was not allowed to complete installation of the door. The colour of the door was written on the contract in two different sections and signed by the homeowner.