Moving 7x in 8 years keeps the household pretty lean, but this time we had 10 years of roots to dig through, with 2 kids +toys, +2 other amalgamated households, +files from a closed business and just stuff from our general pack-rat tendencies, as is human nature. Why pay movers to pack it, ship it, unpack it and watch it gather dust for another 10 years? Like who hasn't done that? With the folks at 'Got Junk', we just pile our crap in a corner or at least identify it around the house -- they carry it out, throw it on their truck, haul it away and come back if you've got more and do it all over again until it's history. They're uniformed, courteous, helpful, patient, respectful, and extremely useful . . . and the price is fair. They respect the environment, will recycle and take their job seriously. Absolutely, no doubt, use them!

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