Booked an inspection, repair and clean of a gas fireplace which I had yet to use. Knew that there was a small gas leak which needed to be repaired. Technician came out and located the leak. Unfortunately, the technician was unable to fix the leak and advised that it probably wouldn't make sense to repair as it would be too costly, and he advised that someone from the company would reach out to provide a quote on the repair or the cost of a new fireplace. I was also interested in a quote on a new air conditioner and a new insert for my wood burning fireplace. Brian came out and provided a quote, walked me through all our options and we are currently deciding on whether to go ahead with the job or not. Very professional and knowledgeable, would love to use his company's services.

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Had gas shut off due to multiple small leaks located in furnace room. This was the second gas leak this year and we thought the problem was rectified. George was available to come in on short notice and did a phenomenal job. Friendly, transparent and fair, was able to locate several leaks in the furnace room and on appliance lines. Repairs were done quickly, efficiently and at a reasonable cost. Will never use another company. Highly recommend. Thanks again George.

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Company Response

Thank you Chris for taking the time to write about your experience with us. Having a gas leak in your home is very frustrating and inconvenience for all home owners. Many contractors will come out to your home, use the gas leak detector and locate 1 leak and turn your gas back on, only for you to smell gas again a few days later. Our process is very thorough, ensure all leaks are located and repaired before we are comfortable to turn your gas back on and leave your your home in a safe state. Thank you again for choosing Inc. to repair your gas leaks and have piece of mind the job was completed correctly.