Long delays, surprise billing, work left unfinished, mess left behind. Too bad as was really hoping it would work out. Recommend you read reviews on Yelp. Not good reviews. Partner does good floors and carpentry but outcome still not good since he did not finish, left a whole section of basement floor with the old vinyl, just thought he could hide it behind washing machine, paid for a whole floor, not part of a floor. In the end job was rushed, you can see gaps in flooring. Plus recommend you check out his website, some more info there. Oh yeah, threatened to lien our house if we did not pay the surprise 'padded' bill, the same day he sent it. Had Ryan and Colin finished the job, cleaned up the mess and stuck to the quote, might have given an ok review. Still a lot of misses, big chunk of ceiling not drywalled, door frame damaged and not repaired, pretty sure plumbing for sink should go behind the wall! Not talking about some bits of undermount showing, I mean actual pipe! Saying they will lien our house the same day we get a bill for thousands of dollars more than quoted price, the same day, if we do not pay was not pleasant. No one wants to hear "pay or else" especially after we had paid everything up until then.

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Emergency call out for replacement toilet. Work was done quickly and on budget. Excellent. Also found a leak in my hot water heater that I had missed. I knew I had one, just could never fund it. Great work.

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Looks like we got a royal flush on this one. Thank you.