Insta-Insulation came with friendly staff and whom of which definitely knew their stuff! They came around to check primarily the attic insulation that we had intended the quote for and when our Insta-Insulation consultant looked, he was confident we had a R20 value and that he would recommend us to do up to R50. For many reasons of why you would do an attic insulation (ie. keeping the house warm, lower the costs of both winter and summer time, keeping the mice away) I was already convinced. What happened after when I received audit's photo and recommendations, they said my house was at a R28 and that it was not recommended to upgrade as per audit requirements therefore I was not able to qualify for it. This became a he-says-she-says argument between the consultant saying that my R value "looks like a R20" and the audit report saying it wasn't. In short, I was misled and misguided in following through with the attic insulation because it was to qualify for audit - not because out of external reasons that were provided otherwise that made sense to do an attic upgrade for all other purposes beyond audit. However, because the money invested toward audit spending for this year was prioritized, I can't help but to think that deception tactics were deployed to secure the business and consider job done. Overall the insulation company workers approximated a full day job but only took 30 minutes ... surprisingly fast for a very inaccurate estimate of time required and it is not that I could've seen how much they've blown into the attic either. Still awaiting for audit results but at the end of the day, it seems like I wasn't able to qualify for this anyways. Long story short, I felt misguided and mislead by the representatives in doing the attic insulation to qualify for audit versus the selling point of saving costs and mice deterrent.

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