Initially we were excited to work with Jonathan and Sasha as they came quickly to provide a quote and the price was reasonable. However, we received a call the morning the work was to begin to advise us that they would not be able to make it because they needed to finish another job. It would have been nice to know this in advance as we had taken time off work, but this was a minor set back compared to the events that followed. Because we requested crown moulding and baseboards to be added upstairs in addition to the main floor, the job was going to take longer than anticipated and my fiancé and I were weary of taking additional time off work. Sasha said that “if we trusted him” we could leave him with a key and he could let himself in to do the work. We were hesitant but he seemed like a nice man and we wanted the work done as soon as possible so we provided him with a garage door code (instead of a key) and allowed him to enter the house while we were at work. Needless to say, this was a mistake. Sasha hired another person to do the work in our home, and one day we came home to see that no work had been done, however our bottle of vodka had significantly less alcohol in it. We are just lucky that this was all that was taken from our home. Sasha apologized and said that he fired the worker so we tried to move passed that issue. After another few days, the majority of the work was completed. There were still approximately 60 linear feet of baseboards left to install and caulk, however Sasha recommended not to install these baseboards in the powder room and entrance until after our new tiles were installed. He was also supposed to purchase and install two closet doors for our entryway - which he also recommend waiting to finish until after the tile installation. Sasha promised he would come back to finish the work once the tiling was complete. We paid him all but $200 of our agreed upon quote. We gave him our thanks and said we’d be in touch. We called Jonathan and Sasha as soon as the tile work was complete and Sasha hasn’t come back. It has been three weeks. Several messages were left with both Jonathan and Sasha. Jonathan responded saying Sasha would be in touch with us soon. After some time, Sasha finally called back to advise he would try to come on the weekend. He didn’t come, or call to say he wouldn’t make it. After another week, we messaged Jonathan to ask if they planned on coming back because we wanted the agreed upon work completed - no response. Upon meeting and hiring Sasha, we did not think we’d be writing anything short of a positive review. But seeing as we have to find another person to complete the work and now we are forced to incur additional installation fees we would not recommend hiring JK moulding simply due to the extreme lack of professionalism.

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