Justin is difficult to work with. He doesn’t communicate well. For example He asked us if we wanted hurricane straps put in place. After some research to see if they were necessary we phoned him and told him yes we would like them. After foundation was poured we asked him where the hurricane straps were and he said we didn’t ask for them. Come to find out we have to “email him” with requests as he is far too busy to remember phone calls and he deletes all his texts. (We find this out at the end of the job) So as a result his crew put in at the most one nail in the hurricane strap. Some pulling out completely otherwise none of them were secured. When our house was placed (RTM home) they told us they are #1 required by the banks (come to find out during bank inspection that was one of the main things they look at) and #2 the way they were placed they are basically useless. When we tried to bring it up to Justin he wouldn’t let us have a word in edgewise and said one thing after another. So basically we spent $700 (far too much regardless.) on something that is useless. Justin also kept pushing our project back. Partly because of weather, but mostly because of scheduling. Then the day before he was scheduled to come out he demanded a soil test to be completed” for his insurance”. Costing us more money, and more possible delays. All in all Justin and his crew did a fair job. They did know what they were doing. In the end we had to ask them to come pick up their left over material that had been sitting there for a couple of weeks. However his attitude and they way he treated us and some of his crew is much to be desired. In the end we were just glad to give him his money and be done with him. We wouldn’t recommend him to anyone. There are other qualified contractors out there.

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This homeowner was acting as her own general contractor. We did our best to help guide her through the building process. On no less than 4 occasions did we indicate to her and her husband that all changes need to be received in email form. The three weekperiod up to and including the installation of the foundation there were 326 phone calls/text messages. I would receive a text message from the husband in the morning on his way to work requesting a change and then two hours later I would receive a phone call from the wife requesting something different. The house fit on the foundation absolutely perfectly. Other than 2 lose hurricane straps the job was perfectly. It passed both the building inspection and the bank inspection without issue .