Beware!!! Worst experience ever!!! Reliance came to inspect/repair our basement furnace this summer that had stopped working. We had to have it looked at as we were trying to sell our house. After looking at it and replacing the transformer the maintenance guy gave me this long list of all the things that weren’t working on the furnace and quoted me over $2,000 for repairs. Individual goes on to tell me it’s likely best to get new machines, yadda yadda so he had a sales individual come out to give me pricing on new machines. At this point I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed as the machine had been working fine just a few months ago and suddenly it apparently has all these broken parts! My husband had been away at work and luckily told me just to wait till he could look at it. Well he finally got around to looking at it and the only thing wrong was the transformer! The repair guy had wired it in backwards. It even started to smoke when my husband turned on the furnace. They could have blown our house up. This whole thing also cost us he sale of our house as the deal fell through because of this. My husband fixed out furnace for $50. Seriously be careful with this company. Get second opinions if possible.

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I have also responded to your google review. If you require further assistance please email me. Thank you, Jessica