They earn billions but very cheap in treating customers and their issues. We bought brand new house, but everyday there is new issues. You send in an email and sometimes even videos, but they still do not believe in you. They will send their trades, god knows what they do but the problem arrises again, you send an email again and the circle continues. Worst thing never pick up a phone call or replies to your call. They do not believe the customers but believes in the non truth words of the third party contractors or people.

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Company Response

The last thing we want is unhappy customers. We apologize if it seems that we’ve been unconcerned - that’s not the case. As with any new home, there are so many moving parts, departments, and trades involved and we have processes to ensure a solution will be provided. If you would please email in our warranty department with your job number or address and contact information, we can have a representative be in touch with you.