****edited to add...even though the work was redone it doesn't change the experience we had. just because we didn't call back doesn't mean we were satisfied with the way the process went. I don't think it was too much to expect our finish product to look like a professional job when we hired a professional company. Asking the client to accept what they did as the final product was so disappointing. ********** Jimm our sales guy was great, explained it all to us, with the exception of the fact the front door does not get trim and therefore not a finished product(we learned this on the day of install). he helped me figure out the best look for my home and was great. now on to the install..... the install was where we had issues. sales, great, ,follow ups , ,great, product..beautiful .. but installation... that was the issue. they broke my kitchen faucet, which I will give Ryan credit for a very quick follow up and payment for replacement, BUT not before the installer got in my face and pulled the faucet almost out and insist we tape it up with plumbers tape, the hose was broken, not something you can tape. he damaged four tiles of my backsplash. the caulking under my kitchen window looks terrible, before it was nicely done with grout for the backsplash, the replacement was sloppy. the caulking around the windows outside was sporadic. no J trim, which we weren't told isn't included until after. something unless you know windows you wouldn't know to ask about. then the front door... the outside looked terrible. I told him it did not look like a new door, I am including pics of this, he told me..."yeah not my best caulking job", then next tells me he has the name of a guy I can hire to fix it. like seriously?? didn't I already hire a company do do a professional job?? so no trim for the door, they reused the existing j trim from the old door and the old window. they also cut back the siding too far (we were replacing a half moon to a squared off window so they had to cut the siding) and left gaps. this is what they expected me to accept as a finished product. I almost cried. Ryan followed up assured us he was sending someone who takes pride in their work...he sent the same crew. they put on new wider j trim and made it look better, but this is what should have been the final result originally, not something we had to ask to have fixed. I wish I could say I would recommend them but I can't. I know they followed up with us, except after my husband called to see why they sent the same guys, no follow up for that. despite quick follow ups I can't refer them. they left my yard a mess each time they were here with garbage, they left the stickers on all the windows and door(even ones on the outside of my bay window which we had to get an extension ladder out to remove), they are not someone I would want back to my home. I chose them because of the reviews, I only wish I had the experience and results of those who are happy with them had. I know they rebut all the reviews, I have pictures and screenshots of conversations to back what happened. Ryan tried, he followed up, which I was impressed with. but with the installer we had I can't give a good review. I am including before and after pics of my kitchen tile and the original finished door that was supposed to be how they left it until we had to call to have it fixed. I really wished I had better things to report. the pictures of the door show the used j trim, so it's pieced together. shows the caulking job. if you look closely you can see the gap where the siding was cut too far back. when hiring someone you would hope it looks better after they do the work, and I can't say that about the my kitchen or front door.

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Company Response

Hello K&C,
Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us. We would like to extend an apology for the unfortunate experience you've detailed in your review. It's always our intention to provide the best service to all our customers. We reached out to your local branch manager and he informed us that all your issues were addressed 4-5 weeks ago and since they did not hear back from you they assumed you were satisfied with the end result. He also informed us that he reached out to you again yesterday to find out what further issues need to be addressed. we are confident that your local branch manager will address all your outstanding issues to your satisfaction.
Once again thank you for your business and your patience.
All the best!


Tim came to my home and helped us create the vision we had for our home. We wanted to extend an existing dirt driveway. He assured me even the prep would look good, well was he ever right!! the prep looked amazing and showed us just how great this was going to look. The crews that were here for the prep were all great and professional. 6 weeks later, after it all settled, the paving magic happened! beautiful job! great crew! Tim was fantastic to communicate with and his follow ups to my questions was great. Rae-Ann and Gail in the office were wonderful to deal with as well. thank you Road Readie for turning out vision into a reality. Highly recommend Tim and his team for your paving needs.

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