Very clean installation of security cameras. Victor and his crew were a pleasure to work with. Recently camera installers helped me remotely solve my connection issues when I changed modems. Thanks for the continued support.

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Company Response

Hi Jason,

I have reviewed the communications between yourself and our employees including our sales manager. The email thread I reviewed revealed multiple attempts by our employees to communicate with you.

When you re-connected with us a little over a year after your installation, there was an issue in sending you new modem configuration instructions due to an incorrect e-mail address on file. Once this was resolved you were successfully provided over e-mail with instructions on how to configure your new router. You acknowledged via email that you successfully received the file. Our employee additionally offered to schedule a time to assist you over the phone with fixing your modem connection. You declined the offer for this additional assistance over the phone.

Instead, you responded by e-mail two days later expressing a desire for our employee to visit you in person, suggesting they could stop by on their way home after their day of work. You also indicated "I can be patient to work around your schedule" in this email which was also the last e-mail received from you. A few days ago, phone records indicated you called but we have had no staff in your area since your last correspondence and you did not request further assistance.

I am sorry that you are disappointed and that your expectations were not met, however I believe this frustration is misplaced. While we are happy to go above and beyond the call of duty, re-connecting your device to the internet due to changing a household modem has nothing to do with the performance of the system we installed or the quality of the labour performed. We feel strongly that your poor review is not justified or deserved, and is completely unrelated to the work actually performed by our company.