I am very disappointed with the services that I received from Homestar. They installed my A/C unit 7 years ago, but it broke down last year. We called to have them look at it, and they sent Calvin. He said that he guessed the refrigerant is leaking, replaced it and charged us 400 dollars. Calvin told us that if we came directly to him instead of going through Homestar, he would charge us less, which we felt was unprofessional of him. The A/C unit worked for the rest of the summer, which at that point was only a few weeks. This summer we tried to turn on the A/C again, however it is taking a very long time to get cold. It appears that Calvin did not in fact fix the root problem of our unit last year. We phoned Homestar, and found out Calvin no longer works for them. They told us that they are not responsible for the repairmen that they send out and will take no responsibility for the poor work of their own employee. We are extremely dissatisfied with the quality of Homestar's repairmen, their lack of ethics, and the company's inability to take responsibility for their employees and their work.

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