Frank did such an amazing job with designing & executing our amazing patio & side walkways, that we contacted him again to spruce up our porch & the perimeter of our driveway. We had interlocking that was uneven, an eyesore, & causing damage to our brick. We explained to Frank what we were looking to have done, he came up with a beautiful design beyond our own imagination. He & his crew were at our place putting in work from 6:30am. They were efficient, didn't need us to oversee or supervise them. They were always polite, professional, they knew what they were doing & didn't waste any time. My neighbours & people passing by, stop to compliment on how beautiful our porch & driveway look. Frank & his crew exceeded our expectations & we wouldn't trust anyone else to do any concrete & landscaping work for us. We 100% recommend Ontario Concrete Finishing Inc.

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Company Response

Thank you so much for the amazing review, it was a pleasure to work with you.
From the O.C.F. Team thanks again .


Wow 1 Day Painting is a company I would like to erase from my memory. The salesperson, Tracy, seemed knowledgeable & was professional. I thought with what she described we'd be getting & the hefty price tag ($4,600), that the paint job would be done by professionals & look great. The price included painting our upper level & main floor hallways, door casings, baseboards, powder room, & kitchen. What we got was a disaster. A bunch of young, college aged kids showed up & did a horrible job. Paint spatter on my fixtures, counters, paint where it shouldn't be, no paint where it should be. The photos speak for themselves. What made a bad experience worse was the owner of the Durham Region franchise, Kim. He was so agressive & defensive over the phone, that I wanted my husband home when he was to come by to address my complaints. He had the audacity to ask me if I touched the freshly painted door casing when I showed him the fingerprints. He was unapologetic, insulting, & defended his workers' less than mediocre paint job. He had 1 painter with him who fixed some of the issues, but not all. There is a saying "never say never", but I would NEVER recommend nor use Wow 1 Day Painting again!

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Company Response

Good evening Brianne.

Thank you very much for this feedback. I'm truly sorry we disappointed you so much. I do recall you were screaming at me on the phone after the painters left and I remember only sitting quietly and listening to your concerns. I promised to be back the next morning to fix everything for you. If customers are not happy with something, we rush back to fix it.

I attended this meeting with our painter to make sure we addressed all your concerns. You spoke, we listened. Your husband did attend the meeting as well and if you recall, he admitted the paint splatter on the bathroom fixtures was actually from when HE painted the bathroom previously. When I questioned you if you put a finger print in the wet paint I was just trying to bring some comedy to the moment as I've never seen such a perfect finger print in painted trim before. I had no idea the comment would be so inflammatory.

Let's be fair please. The area in the pictures which appears completely unpainted wasn't even visible to the eye which is why I believe it appears like it has never been painted before. It was physically impossible to get a brush in there and move it around. This is the one time when I recall being a little defensive (but not aggressive as you claim). You even watched us try to get in there and agreed it was next to impossible (the photo does not show the degree of difficulty with the spot).

I completely agree with you though, the other spots were obvious misses on our part and of course we fixed those issues as well.

The college-aged kids you speak of have been working on our team for over 4 years. They are almost always exceptional at what they do. They were embarrassed they missed those few areas for you as well.

Again, please accept my sincere apologies Brianne. We rushed out the very next day and my painter stayed until you were happy with everything. We left thinking you were.


We definitely chose the right company for the job. Frank & his team were amazing! Frank is straightforward, realistic, & a perfectionist. The results far exceeded our expectations and we couldn't be happier. Worth every dollar spent and more. We've received many compliments from friends, family, & neighbours and we're beyond excited to enjoy our new patio for many summers to come. If you want good, quality stamped concrete, then look no further. I would definitely recommend Ontario Concrete Finishing.

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Thank you so much for the great review , we had so much fun working for you, and yes you will enjoy it for many years to come .
From the O.C.F. Team thank you for everything

Frank Barone