Very impressed with Priority Appliance in my interactions with them this week. Called them to make a service appointment for our 15 year-old Bosch gas cooktop that is having some significant issues. Within an hour of making the appointment, I got an unexpected return call from Wesley, to tell me that he knows this model of gas cooktop well and that there are not a lot of replacement parts available any more for this older model. Basically he gave me a heads up that I could spend $200 on the service call and there would be a good chance there is nothing they could do to resolve the issues we've been having. After talking with my wife that evening, we decided it would make more sense to just purchase a new cooktop. I really appreciated Wesley's professional advice and desire to 'do the right thing' for his customers. They could have easily said nothing and just showed up next week and pocketed $200 for an unproductive service call and I would have been none the wiser, but they stepped up and showed they are a company with integrity and a high standard of customer service. Will not hesitate to call these guys in the future and will go out of my way to recommend them to friends and family.

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