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1 man show who doesn't show up

Atlantida Construction was hired March 29th and promised job would be completed beginning of May due to weather, etc Almost 2 months later and job still not completed but he is quick to continuously remind you to have money ready. It was a rough start and just got worse. Jorge and his son showed up to discuss the work to be done and we settled on a timeline to start. After many phone calls and texts, Jorge showed up and graded the property as arranged. He did do a lovely job. One Saturday evening we get home to see a bunch of strangers in our driveway. We asked why they were there. They were hired by Jorge to do the cementing around the house. I called Jorge to find out what happened to his son doing the work and he explained that he was too busy with other jobs. There was no Jorge in sight to oversee the job and of course the job was botched and NOT done as expected. I had to ask the gentleman why he was framing the home irregularly and he said he was giving instructions to do half of the front three feet and the other half 4 ft. Totally wrong information which I had to correct. Then concrete prep arrangements were not followed through properly - Stone was applied but not 6 inches. I did not see mesh applied and cement is not 6 inches above ground creating a step up. You can only see about 1 in of cement above ground vs 6 inches originally agreed upon. Why would I pay to have 5 inches of cement buried in the ground? There was no cement poured creating a step for the three entrances to the house so there is no proper entrance completed. Because they did not cement 6 in above ground as I requested the bottom of the house is still exposing brackets, ugly orange screws, and black tar around the house. I now have to buy material to cover up the mess that should have been covered with the pouring of the cement. The pathway looks decent and I pray that it is durable and doesn't crack up anytime soon.
When I addressed the matter all I got was poor excuses. Where there was suppose to be stone, dirt was laid down. No hot tub pad installed but he did dig the 7x7 ft area and threw down approx 1 inch of stone. Jorge did not show up daily to get work done and keeps talking about the weather conditions but the last few weeks have been quite lovely. Looks like a side hustle or they're taking on more work than they can handle. The only crew that was here where the people that did the cementing which I understand because he can't do everything. Other than that- all landscaping is just Jorge which is why things probably took so long to get done.

Final outcome - I could no longer wait while the soil continued to blow through my neighborhood as my job sat incompleted with no sign of this project coming to an end. I was forced to send a text message to terminate our arrangement and found another Company with a FLEET of staff to complete the job. They guarantee my job will be completed within a day once on site.

If you're going to work with this company, make sure that your arrangement is documented so you can refer back to it and don't pay for the full job - safer if you pay by installments as the work gets completed. I was highly disappointed by the outcome as I was really counting on this company to step up and deliver. If I worked this way I would not have a job.

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