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The contractor built a new fence last year. Very disappointed with the building of the fence. The power line was marked yet the contractor cut the power line to my house. The contractor was rushing with this job and instead of digging the posts by hand because the power line was very close, he used a bobcat in the backyard to dig the post holes. Very careless and unprofessional. I was inconvenienced without power for a day. Epcor was out on the road at the same time installing fibre optic cable. This contractor had an agreement with Epcor to hire his own electrician to fix the cut line to save some money. He told me that his electrician had to get approval from Epcor to ensure the power line was repaired properly. I was told that Epcor approved the repair but I would have liked to be informed by Epcor if the line was indeed repaired to code. I was taking the word from the contractor. I was told it was repaired and buried. After the fence was built, I noticed one of the boards was bowed and there was a big pile of concrete pushed up beside the house which was from the contractor when filling the post holes with concrete. I phoned the contractor and he immediately wanted pictures sent to him as proof I was telling the truth. I was very disappointed in his attitude. The strip of land between the house and fence had a weed barrier put down and red shale was placed on top. After cutting the line, the excess concrete was shoved up against the house and the red shale and barrier was dug up. I now have huge weeds growing in that space. I asked the contractor many, many times if he would replace the bowed board and remove the excess concrete but he would never follow through after confirming dates but never showing up. He got my money and now he doesn't feel the need to return to the house to replace the bowed board and to remove the concrete. The contractor had to pay a great deal of money to Epcor for cutting the power line to my house. I believe he is angry with himself or me for rushing the job. He told me himself that he should've taken it slower because the lines were marked and the lines were very close to the posts. I am not impressed having to contact him several times for him to return and clean up the concrete and replace the bowed board. After agreeing on a a day and time to return he would not show up again and again. This contractor is only interested in more expensive projects. At the time he was bidding on several other jobs instead of focusing on my fence. If you have too many projects on the go, it is easy to rush things and make mistakes. I think cutting the power line to my house is very serious. It didn't have to happen if more care and attention was taken on this job.

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