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Downspouts and Siding Nightmare

We found Oleg on Homestars and chose to go with him because of his homestars score and reviews. At first, he was very communicative and provided us with a quote for our downspouts, replacing the soffit at the back of our home and sealing our home siding .

Unfortunately, Oleg was only able to complete 1 of the 3 items decently (the soffit). As for the downspouts and siding, anyone with no experience whatsoever could have done a better job. Nearly all the downspouts he installed had leaks and the caulking on the siding was done inconsistently and without any care.

Anyone who is considering home vision should stay far away and find someone else.

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Company Response

Hi Eduard. Thank you for your feedback.

We truly believe that your review doesn't define our workmanship and the way we operate. I am going to try to bring some evidence why we went the extra mile to serve you better, and why we don't deserve such a poor rating.

Regarding the siding 
As outlined in the estimate I sent back on June 16th, 2019, we noticed a common issue of the siding planks around the house. They were poorly installed from the previous contractor with big gaps up to half of an inch. It was evident that the wall could have serious leaks between the gaps and through the loose planks. We tested the caulking at an area beside the gate. We tried several attempts with 3 different types of caulking, to match the color and seal the the gaps before we proceeded at the rest of the house. If you still have records of our text messages, you'll remember. If we didn't stand before a certain quality of service, we would have simply said it's not doable.  Maybe we made a mistake offering to fix a poor installation of another contractor, but this all came out of good intention and we would do the same thing now. But no matter what we will apply at those gaps, you will not be satisfied because it will not look as neat as any siding planks installed properly. The gaps are just too big, the overall siding installation has issues. We spoke several times before we proceeded. You were aware this was no common application and you seemed to be  okay with it when we closed the job.  I guess we should have been clearer to what to expect out of it. At the end, we even refused to get payed for the service because it didn’t meet your  expectations.

Regarding the downspouts

All we did at your house was installing 4 extensions of the existing downspouts. I am assuming, based on the date you posted this review, February 22nd, you might have noticed the leaks during that big frost. If that's the case, eavestrough and downspout becomes full of ice when certain weather conditions align. Sunny days after snowfall, melted snow becomes water and freezes as soon as it gets inside the gutter and downspouts. It melts and it freezes many times during the day, based on the intensity of the sun. Because the downspouts are clogged with ice, the melted water drips through the joints of the extensions. These issues are common during Canadian. Also, there are so many other factors that might cause the downspouts to leak, such as clogging, improper slope, overall issued with the eavestrough system which were not done from us. We simply added 4 downspout extensions at the existing downspouts.

Regarding your  review

We were hired almost 2 years from the date of this review. We haven't heard from you ever since and I wish we received a phone call or an email prior to posting your opinion on our workmanship, or just for a consultation since the service is still under the warranty.  While you say that you’ve lost trust on Homestars, I can assure you that they go through the same investigation methods for either a negative or positive review. This review is the only negative review that we had in over 12 years in this business. It's not a coincidence that we have excellent ratings, otherwise you'll find other negative reviews on our profile such as yours. 
It's a little  frustrating to get such negative feedback for such small repairs when we deal with over 300 hundreds complex projects in one season, and receive excellent ratings. We are not perfect, there are small issues now and then, but everyone we work with knows that we are honest, reliable and very professional no matter the size of the project.  While I've done everything that I believe a decent contractor and business owner would do to exceed the customer satisfaction, I really hoped I’d get the same approach from your side. I tried calling, emailing and I barely got an answer. I called right after you texted and someone else responded  and claimed that the number I called doesn't belong to you. "Strange". I have very great relations with my clients and I feel bad I have been ignored this way. This isn't the way I work, no matter the circumstances.  However, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us. Always here to help.
Sincerely, Oleg Rira (owner of Home Vision Inc.)647.833.7289