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Don in Edmonton
Don in Edmonton
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Customer Service Sucks

Seriously, I should have done my homework. Do yourself a favour and research these guys and then NEVER, EVER buy anything from them. I have to say that the initial buying experience and delivery were fine. As well, prices were competitive. However, as we have experienced first hand, if there is an issue you get to see the dark side. We bought a fridge and dishwasher for our real estate office kitchen. When we installed the dishwasher, it showed an error code and wouldn't run. We called CAS and they said "Sorry, it's been over 48 hours, you will have to call Samsung." We called Samsung and they said "You bought the appliance for a commercial application - there is no warranty." We called CAS back and pointed out that one: their sales guy knew we were buying the dishwasher for a real estate office and never said anything about warranty. And two: the dishwasher was brand new - never been run, how would we know there was an issue until we took it out of the box and installed it. You would think that any company that cared about their customers would not want their client ending up with a $900 paperweight. CAS 'Resolution Centre' is just a way to say they have no intention of helping at all. It should be called 'Excuse Centre'. They said ALL of the following: You took it out of the box - we can't help you. You installed it - we can't help you. It's been more that 48 hours - we can't help you. The information on the warranty was in a booklet inside the dishwasher - you should have read it. ( OK - really? We would have had to open the box on the dishwasher we already purchased and had delivered to an office to be able to know that the warranty was void? Shouldn't the guy that sold us the dishwasher have told us that before we bought the dishwasher?). If you still buy an appliance from these guys after reading this, good luck if you ever have a problem.

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