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Bubba in Calgary
Bubba in Calgary
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Poorly equipped, understaffed and overpriced.

This was a very bad experience. I'll likely not hire anyone else from this site it was such a negative experience. Initially, three guys were offered but only two guys were actually provided at an agreed price of $1200 a day. I must have been crazy to agree to these terms. I ended up settling on $700 as I felt sorry for them. They tried removing a screwed & stapled down filler board on top of sub floor with a small pry bar and a shovel. Things proceeded at a snail's pace. There were screws but they had no screw gun. Dismal performance for an exhorbitant price. Our worst renovation experience yet.

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Company Response

I would like to tell my side of the story on this project, This individual was told 1 week prior to my team going into the said project that there will only be 2 Staff as our third one went on Holidays, Which he agreed to and accepted by text. Then when we first looked at the said THERE was no screws through the home but when my staff showed up with the Necessary Equipment on the Project, We were shocked to find an over Abundance on Freshly Placed screws in the Nailed flooring we were suppose to tear out. Now I am a reasonable person and I think letting the client know that instead of the one day he insisted on ( Which was not agreed to, It was suppose to be 2 Days, This was agreed via text by the owner when he accepted our quote)that my crew might run into the next day due to screws found on floor boards. Now expecting my client to say oh ok how long do you figure>? Nope Serious attitude right off the Bat, Like I was trying to take him for a Ride. I explained calmly after being told I was trying to scam him that I just wanted to let you Know this is the reason and we will work by the Hour for tomorrow instead of the Full day Charge which I Thought Being a Nice person would benefit the both of us...I was so sadly mistaken, The Client Comes home and go's to see my crew, was super nice and friendly to them, Even so nice to lend a Drill as my crew were not equipped with this machine as we did not know there were screws added ( From what we can tell, Pictures Prove everything I guess )From there I let him know by text I am on my way could you send the e transfer like we agreed to, He go's off AGAIN!!! I am thinking what is wrong with this guys, starts going off about my staff, about them not having the right equipment and he is NOT HAPPY. I reply back I am so sorry sir but we did not know of this situation and we will do better tomorrow, I call my staff and they proceed to tell me that he was here and so was his wife praising on how well we were doing, my staff informed his wife and apologized to her earlier in the day for taking a bit longer but we did not know of these screws that were placed here, she says oh you are doing just fine, Then my staff tell me what do u mean we are slow? We are 75% done, All we have is the 2 Pieces in the hallway and the living room everything else is done...Now my red flags are going up, thinking why is this guy being such a freak about one room which would take 2 guys maybe 2 hours due to the 75% of screws that were drilled into the nailed flooring???
we show up and here he comes all big and bad, which is fine because every Client has there right to be mad, be not happy, this is there project and I am there to do a job.
So my partner gets out and right away my client is all aggressive and demanding, My partner said listen my friend I see you are not happy, My crew is Trying and we agreed on 1 to 2 days so sir why the aggression? He reply back this is Probably your last day!! My partner says yes sir that is so true it is my last day because I can not and will not be harassed over something that was an unforeseen thing, Pay me my fee for the Day and I am on my way no Hard feelings. He reply's I am not paying the full fee are u crazy, My Partner says ok Sir what do u think is fair for 2 guys, All equipment for 8.5 Hours, He come back with half the amount we agreed on so my partner laughed a bit and said ok buddy lets do this amount which was 100.00 more than his Price he wanted to pay us and we will be on our way...Finally he paid.
the really Sad thing is my staff even went back into his project grabbed the drill and handed it back to him and instead of being nice to my staff member he go's and says something ignorant under his breath...will not repeat on here but as a Lady owner this client should have been more educated, Respectful when talking to people.

So yes this was a very bad experience and it is making me question the moral of people now a days and what they believe is fair treatment.
Please don't know that this review against us as it is just one persons belief.
We are all Human and where does it really get us by being nasty to someone that maybe needs a fair chance.