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Kitchen Renovation

This is review is a warning to anyone who has plans to invest money into a home renovation with this company. Do not disregard any of the other 1 star reviews. I am well aware I will be attacked on here by the owner of this unprofessional company (don't let his email claiming to have a team of employees fool you). I have read his rebuttals and any company that talks like that about their former clients should be your first hint not to hire him (sorry his team).

Second hint of his willingness to pull the wool over your eyes is to have clients write reviews (pressured) about how he (sorry again - his team) is doing with the renovation. Let me tell you this, he gave me the skeleton on what he wanted written in the reviews, and as my review he pressured me to write only after a week on site was complimentary it by no means paints the whole picture of his techniques he uses to fool a client.

Third hint on his deceitfulness is the use of his app for estimates. The JOIST app he changes continually to suit his needs and never has you sign any updated copies. Any changed copies are overwritten and NO prior estimates are available. If you have unfortunately hired this person (sorry I keep forgetting he has a team working for him) ensure you print the estimate and check continuously if he has changed it. In the end after he realizes the client has caught on to his deceit he deletes the estimate and thus you cannot get a copy of it.

I hope you as a potential client is starting to see a pattern with this person (company).

Fourth hint (to note these hints are what I have experienced and are not made up). His timelines: in his ever changing estimate app one part always remains - his guarantee(s). He never strived to meet any of them. He was never here from 7am - 4pm (he work from at the earliest 10am and was usually done at 2pm), he did not provide a DETAILED work order, he says building and finishing material are included, he will personally be here everyday (most was 3 times one week) of the renovation and that he will have work done by a certain date (3-4 weeks turned into approx 12 weeks).

I have more hints I could describe here but I will let him (company) reply with his scathing comments on how ungrateful yet another client was. On how to disregard my comments as false and made up. Once he does his usual song and dance I will provide you with more details on how he completely botched my kitchen renovation and pocketed money for an incomplete, unprofessional, substandard, subpar attempt at a renovation. How he likes to blame anything that he finds to hard to do on the previous builder or more likely than not the client.

Please again potential client of this company do take heed on what I have written this is just a small portion of what this person (company) has put myself, my family and other clients through.
One final point on this review before his attempts to tell you I am not a real person or I took advantage of him is that I hired him also due to the fact he has the "Bauemler Approved" on his websites (he has different names for his company - wonder why??). Please do not be fooled by this inclusion on his websites. The Bauemler Company is well aware of this contractors unprofessionalism and has suspended its endorsement and does not approve this company(they are investigating). Further details on that to follow.

Now I am sure you will be entertained with the company's reply to my review. Enjoy the fiction that will be spun!

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Company Response

Please disregard this review.

Negative reviews towards our prestigious service are usually posted against us by this type of customer for solely one reason and one reason only, “frustration caused to themselves by this type of customer wanting and adding more work to the already agreed contract with an agreed finish date and expecting the same finishing date”!! Pretty obvious one.
Other is them changing their mind on an installation they have chosen and approved on, with ultimately the installation has already been completed!! “This is where the attempts of a false fabricated story starts with this individual”.

After spending 1 or 2 months in this customers home helping them to come to find such unfortunate respect for our services with these types of prefabricated lies!
This is how our renovation process starts with us, clients request and we agree for the work to be done by us on a signed agreed contract “work order” by both parties that cannot be changed with our Joist estimation app, unless the customer keeps adding work to the already agreed contract is the only way it can change and the original signature by them will be removed by the Joist estimation app and needs to be signed once more.
Please keep in mind people 99% of our clients are good people and we had the pleasure of working with :)
Sadly there will always be a couple bad apples, unfortunately our team does not tolerate this behaviour.
Now any good hearted intelligent person can simply see our work published from our online photos, or positive reviews posted by our other many many good customers of projects we’ve completed and realize the excellence in quality of work we aim to finish and a service that can be provided by our company’s team to realize the photos taken by this type of individual are photos taken by them mid way through the work and not the actual finishing ones !! :)
“Pre planned taken photos obviously by this false reviewer of a pre-fabricated plan by them during our work days, working hard in a construction zone.

“ During Covid we have completed over 30 more jobs within these 2 years for other amazing clients that are super happy and enjoying their renovation. Good luck people with your renovation, contact us anytime we’d love to help.

Senior management,
Rick L
“Do yourself a favour if your serious in improving or repairing your Home disregard this false review! Take care and stay safe.