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Slavko from Toronto
Slavko from Toronto
7 reviews Toronto, ON

Yes, they can do it

I could give the short version, which is simply that Edward is fantastic, but that really doesn't explain why it's true and why I will continue to use him into the future for all of my installation and repair needs.

About 4 months ago, my Samsung refrigerator was continuing to behave like an absolute piece of junk (ice maker freezing constantly and other issues) and instead of pouring more money into it, I went out and bought a new fridge, without contemplating how it might fit. Well, because I'm a genius, my new fridge fit perfectly, except for the fact that I couldn't really open the left door because of the wall oven next to it (French doors), which you might imagine is a bit of a problem. So, I did the only thing a reasonable person would do... I compounded my error by ordering a new wall oven (without measuring) that would hopefully allow me to fully open my fridge door.

So, I call Edward after reading all of the rave reviews on Homestars and I get him on the phone and I liked him from minute one. There was no humming and hawwing, no excuses, no tempering expectations... he just said, "let me know when it comes in, call me and I will do it". Sounded like my kind of guy but at the point, you never know, he could have been one of those guys that says one thing and does another. My concern was that by the time my wall oven came in, he could have changed his tune.

Four months later and after many delays, I found out the oven was coming on Saturday. I got a whole TWO DAYS notice from the store where I purchased the oven. I called Edward immediately, I told him what it was about and he simply said... "when is it coming". I said, "they aren't sure, but between, 2:30pm and 6pm". He said, "call me when it comes and I will put it in".

Again... no excuse, no..."I'm so busy, it's a Saturday, my wife just had a baby, Covid-19, aliens, blah, blah, blah..." Simply, "let me know when its coming and I will do the job".

On the day of the delivery, I got a notice from the store that my delivery window changed to between 1pm and 5pm. At 1:55pm, they called me to say that the delivery truck was 5 minutes away. I called Edward and told him the oven would be at my house at 2pm. He told me he'd be at my house by 2:25pm. Like clockwork, Edward arrived right when he said, and lucky for me, the appliance guys were only 30 minutes late and arrived at the exact same time as Edward.

They brought the oven and the delivery guys took off like my house was on fire and Edward handled everything thereafter. He asked me "if I had measured the oven" before I purchased it to make sure it fit the space and I answered "of course not". He chuckled a bit as I'm sure he's use to dealing with my kind of genius!!!

The new oven was not a perfect fit, but Edward had a solution to every problem. Again, no excuses, no BS, no "this is going to cost you more", he just got to work and solved the problems I had created. It was like watching an episode of MacGyver.

He installed the oven perfectly and then he looked at me and said, "I've done my job, now if the fridge still doesn't open, its on you". I took a big gulp and he said, "just kidding, I already measured it for you, it will work". And with that said, I have a beautiful brand new Bosch, in wall oven, that was installed perfectly and fridge door that I can now open.

Edward also helped me install an undercounter wine fridge and pointed out some other issues that I could fix myself (yeah right). I'm adding a bar in my basement and Edward will be back to move a dishwasher, add a water line and connect that crappy Samsung to my bar.

After he installs the water line to the Samsung, I'm going to call him to my house every 4th day to fix the constantly freezing ice maker. PS - it has nothing to do with this review, but Samsung should stick to making TVs.

I just moved to this new house but I am ecstatic to have met Edward as I will use him in the future for all of my appliance needs. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Amazing dude, amazing company.

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Company Response

Within the two hours that I read this with the help of Google translate, I want to thank you for this long, excellent review. I also want to thank you for the delicious coffee and sandwich that you made me.
P.S. In our world there is no such thing as "I can't" only "I don't want".
Thank you so much,