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Kuper in Oshawa
Kuper in Oshawa
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Garage spray foam

I can never be bothered leaving reviews about contractors but these guys earned and deserve such an amazing review. Anthony and his team did such an outstanding job applying spray foam in my garage, I could not be happier. Anthony is very knowledgeable with the product and assessment on what to spray foam. Anthony came to my house a couple of times to give me estimates and also explaining what I should spray. With his quotes, he also provided information about the product, WSIB documents, insurance documents. I sprayed the garage ceiling (daughters bedroom above), rim joists, a common living wall, I-beams, and a block wall in the ceiling. The end result is perfect. Immediately I was able to feel a difference in my daughters bedroom up above the garage.
They arrived on time. Before starting, the worker explained the process to me. He covered the floors and everything in my garage. The spray was very uniform. Once finished and before cleaning up he called me into the garage to make sure I was happy with everything (which I was). Very friendly and professional.
If you are looking for spray foam, look no further, choose Exotherm Spray Foam. I would definitely recommend them. Definitely exceeded my expectations.

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Company Response

Hey Paul,

Exposed floors are one of the primary areas where thermal bridging occurs, the heat or cold not only travelling up into the floor, but into the walls as well, and closed cell 2lb SPF is the only solution to this in my humble opinion. Sadly enough though, more often than not, most builders choose cheaper alternatives, such as batt insulation, 0.5lb light density SPF, or blown-in loosefill insulation, all of which are effective in their own right when used in the proper application, in this circumstance however, not so much so. This is by far the number one complaint that we receive from homeowners, "the room is too hot in the summer, and colder than the rest of the home in winter", and nine times out of ten, the room above the garage is their children's room, and being a father myself, I know the natural instinct of wanting to protect your child, especially your little girl. I'm glad we could make a difference in your home, and we appreciate you being adamant about sharing your experience with us, thank you so much and all the best!!!