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Bathroom Remodel turns into Horror Movie

3 months after the work was done is when Derek’s true colors started coming out.

One day my wife and I started hearing a hissing sound in our family room and then water started dripping from the ceiling. It seemed to be coming from the bathroom remodel that was done by Derek and his team. We called Derek and he had his contractor Joseph came out towards the end of the day, who immediately said it was not his fault and that we had drain pipes running in our family room ceiling that were leaking. When I challenged him on that he immediately changed his story and started saying it was the cheap faucet we had them install. Again I challenged him, went and grabbed a drywall saw and cut the wall open from the back side of the faucet. Once I did that we noticed the water was coming from the faucet connection. We shut the water off and they came back several hours later with the plumber, Derek also showed up. The plumber took it apart, said it was the cheap brass nut that had cracked and then he held out his hand asking for $200 for the service call???

Based on that plumbers diagnosis, Derek told us it was the brass nut that was cracked and we should go after the faucet manufacturer who supplied it. Guess what Derek, when I called the faucet manufacturer he informed me the brass nut was supplied by them, it would have been supplied by the plumber. I have had several independent plumbers look at the nut and they all said it was overtightened which caused the crack. Based on the welding job a few them commented that the plumber had no idea what he was doing. Whether the nut was defective or overtightened, it was supplied by your plumber and/or damaged by your plumber but you still refuse to take responsibility forcing me to call my insurance company. Since Derek paid my insurance deductible, I assume it’s his acceptance of the issues?

More recently my wife noticed the vanity drain pipe is now leaking. She texted Derek several times and he does not have the decency to respond to her, but when he was trying to get the deal, he would reply in minutes. Derek, remember you comment that we are like family and you would double your warranty to 12 months? I guess that really means nothing to you since you refuse to stand by it, not only for the major leak that caused thousands of dollars of damage, you won’t even call back on this new leak we found.

This has been such a difficult journey and I would not wish this on anyone. I am sure Derek will comment since he is all about getting positive reviews, there is no excuse for this and the way he has handled it. The nut was supplied and installed by his plumbing contractor so not really sure what he can say, but I welcome any comments he might have in this ordeal. The pictures of my home speak for themselves.

Be warned of the quality and customer service you will get, everything is great until you have an issue.

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Company Response

The nut was supplied by the owner. I went above and beyond for this client and paid from my own pocket for the emergency service to repair it the very night the leak happened. I then went ahead and paid the clients deductible for there insurance to keep the client happy. I did not have to do either of these things but I did it anyhow. weeks later they sent another text about some other area but only gave me 24 hours to respond and I had a death in my family and was not reading my text at that point. When I did which was just after 24 hours they had already written this. If they just would have been a little more patient it would have been fixed no problem.