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Horrible experience

Competitive prices and nice showroom but it all went downhill during and after the installation.

On the day of the install, the installer complained measurements were wrong. The installer called Joyce to come over to take a look. While waiting, my husband also called Joyce and said we had a problem. Without waiting, Joyce went on the defensive and told him there was no problem. The overhang was cut 2-3 inches in places. Our cabinet maker had specified a 1 overhang. Clearly a measurement error was made and they added 1 inch to their 1 ½ standard measurement. With our cabinet maker on the phone Joyce insisted that her measurements were correct. She proceeded to insist that her overhang was how all the designers are doing it these days. Our main L shape piece did not fit and she told us the only solution was to take it back to the shop to cut it so we would have a seam. We asked why this was the case, and she told us our walls were to blame. (We have brand new drywall.) Having spoken to our cabinet maker, who was present when Joyce took measurements, we recall Joyce hand measures. No one has perfectly straight walls in their house. In hindsight, we should have insisted this piece be remade since this is what we had paid for originally.The stove opening was also irregular with edges sticking out. We were concerned about our stove not fitting properly. This made us anxious, and when I texted Joyce for assurance she did not offer any explanation. She condescendingly told me to go take a bath. The next morning, I texted Joyce and reiterated that it was imperative that they ensure the stove edges were flush with the cabinet edges to ensure a good fit. She retorted that she was going to cancel our installation since I did not trust her installers!

On the 2nd install date, we pointed out that our fireplace slab was not level, and the installer kept blaming our walls. The slab had been cut too short on one side causing it to be higher on one corner. He was reluctant to fix it but finally, after asking him several times, he took it outside to be cut. I pointed out several times a whole section of countertop has stains and bubbly fog spots. He had VIM and tried to clean it - no luck. He kept insisting that soap and water would do the trick.

When the installer was leaving he insisted on filming me while I made the etransfer to Joyce. I was appalled and told him that I only do etransfers from my computer.

After he left we noticed our island countertop was installed off center. We started to notice all the stains and streaks. I contacted Joyce the next day about the island and stains. She proceeded to tell me that the countertop was moved by us or our workers. Photos were taken at 7:28 AM. How does a solid piece of quartz that has been glued down move overnight? As for the stains and streaks she kept insisting that quartz is like glass and will get dirty, and I could go to her shop to get her German cleaner. I reminded her that I had tried soap and water and the products recommended by LX Hausys. No luck getting any of the stains off.

My sink was also installed with an overhang. I pointed out to Joyce that the sink maker showroom shows a flush mount overhang. She insisted that flush mount is old school. As the installer, she never communicated options for the overhang, and opted for the method which requires less precision when cutting out the sink.

They also insisted on installing a 2 backplate on my stove, which we asked be left behind for installation later (if required). Turns out, we dont need it, and now it needs to be removed.

Lesson learned: insist on a final walkthrough to check everything. Communication is a huge problem with this company.

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Company Response

"Hi Joyce, We are very happy with the work. Countertops and backsplash looks AMAZING. Your team came through for us. Really appreciate your patience in answering all our questions. Thanks. E-transfer sent."---Angela, August 24,2023
This is the text message we received from this couple, after they did a final VERY VERY careful inspection of the job, please check the linked Instagram post below, to see how excited and happy, they were with the final product.

We always aim to deliver a great experience to our customers and are disappointed when we don’t meet their expectations. Many of our customers are amazing and fantastic to work with, and we always want to deliver on a beautiful kitchen and comfortable experience, however in this case I believe it is important that our company can share our side of the story because we went above and beyond for Angela and Keith throughout the entirety of this process.

Angela and Keith were referred to us by the contractor, who they work with. On June 12th, Angela and Keith visited our showroom. They were happy and excited about working with us. From that moment, Angela sent us countless emails, texts, and phone calls with questions and asked for suggestions about colors, stone quality, sink options, sink materials, edges…… etc. We are always happy to help since it is understandable that some customers can be anxious when it comes to changes in their home. That is why we responded her texts and email in a timely manner, On Aug 16th, she texted us at 7:42pm, we responded at 8:03pm, On Aug 23rd she texted us at 7:19pm, we responded at 7:20pm, On Aug. 23rd, she texted us at 10:24pm, and we responded at 10:31pm. On Aug. 24th, she texted us at 8:53am, we responded 9:02am……during this entire process we were prompt and professional in our responses and response time even outside of business hours and working days, any insinuation otherwise is just simply not true.

Things escalated out of control when the day of installation came. One of the blue installers called the office and said that they can’t install Angela and Keith’s kitchen; they were hovering around as they worked and watching everything they did and said, even their facial expressions, if they so much as spoke to each other they would bombard them with questions, is there anything wrong? what is the problem? what happened? Just as the installers brought the countertop into the kitchen, even before installation had begun, both Angela and Keith crowded the installers and their workspace asking why there was a gap, why here is bigger than the other side, why the overhang is not the same, please keep in mind the installers are not here to answer questions or serve customers in this way, they are tradesmen, they are just supposed to install the countertop and go. These installers have been in the field for over two decades, and they called the office overwhelmed and stressed out. They were genuinely getting freaked out by the constant questions, the nitpicking, and the hovering. It was a cycle of stopping every few minutes to answer their questions, to explain why things are done in certain ways, and then repeat, they were unable to get any work done, and they were stressed out. A group of working professionals with decades of experience, walked out of the situation, a first in the entire history of the company, and stopped working until the store manager came to the jobsite to try and mediate the situation.

Our store manager spent more than 2 hours with Angela and Keith explaining each professional decision of how the counter was made and stressed that each decision was made with consultation from other professionals, the cabinet maker. The overhang was the same as suggested by the cabinet maker and agreed upon by Angela and Keith on site. we were recommended to keep the countertop flush with the fridge panel, and the finished edge should be 1” over the dishwasher panel, which was done to a T, but the couple kept repeated these suggestions that we followed, but seemed to not be able to identify that it WAS done and that the instructions were followed because they lack the expertise to do so. We stressed that each recommendation was followed, everything was done professionally, but Angela and Keith were still very anxious, each question came with another question and finally after 2+ hours, they agreed to let the installers come back the next day and work on the job, alone, and promised they would be able to work without any more distractions and interruptions. Again, we disagree that there was any lack of communication with them.

That night at 10:30 pm, our store manager who visited the site began to receive texts asking the same questions she had been answering all day, about the overhang, the stove opening and the gapping, the same questions she spent over 2 hours of her workday answering. At this point, a refund was offered to the couple, because it was obvious that there was something going on, a lack of trust, over-anxiousness, stress about change, something that was irreconcilable, and no amount of time was going to change that. We want our customers to be confident in their choice and we wanted to make sure that each experience reflects that, and we tried to tell the couple that maybe we were just not the best fit for their job. But Angela refused to accept the refund, saying that she fully trusted us. She wanted to stay with our company, and we conceded that if she trusted us, then that is all we wanted.
The next day, installation was smooth, a 4-hour job, that took the installers 8 hours because we took the time to make sure they were satisfied and answer all of the questions. Before the installers leave, they ensure that the homeowners do a final check-up of the work area, Angela and Keith did so, very carefully and after even sent a text to our company thanking us for delivering exactly what they wanted and paid off the remaining balance.
After we received their text, we were beyond relieved that day. It was a difficult job, but it was done, and the customers were happy.

However, the next day, the contractor called me and told me the couple claimed that the countertop was chipped. Firstly, the couple did a VERY thorough inspection before the installers left the site, and as mentioned above, the installers have a process that they follow before leaving the site and this includes taking detailed photos of each job, all corners and sides, perhaps the couple didn’t know that. These photos were sent to the contractor, and he agreed that he believed that these chips were not caused by our company and were likely a cause of the other contractors and tradesmen that were in and out of the house the following day. In their review, there are accusations made that are blatantly false, the goodwill and time our company spent to try to please the couple, thrown back in our faces. Even the refund we offered in goodwill, which is against our standard policy because the entire counter was already fabricated and our installers even spent an entire day at the site, is now being painted as some kind of ploy.
Even with these false allegations of the chips after the fact, we even agreed out of customer service to send someone to take a look at the counter and see if anything can be done, but instead talking to us properly, she demand we need to go there and but just to the front door (?), no other instruction of what they want us to do, frankly this was insulting to our company, our employees, our goodwill and the work that we did for them. Our company policy states clearly any customer’s rude, unpleasant, unreasonable and offensive language, or disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated under any circumstance, we might be working for you at this moment, but we are still people. As with the text, if you would like to see the completed photos taken of this “terrible job”, please also see the linked Instagram post. This was a beautiful job and it was mindboggling that they have the audacity to call it otherwise.

For over 19 years we’ve served thousands and thousands of families and clients in the history of this company, and our team has years of experience. There are many types of people out there, and this is one type of them. We thank you for your review but are proud to be a Homestars recommended company and the 1% the best countertop fabricator in the field. we stand behind our hard work and great products, and our company hires good people, we work for good people, we’ve done everything we can in this situation and probably more than we should, but some people are not here to be pleased. Check more of our customers' feedback and comments about our service and work in our photo gallery.

GTA Countertop Pro Team