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Angela  in Mississauga
Angela in Mississauga
1 review Mississauga, ON

Move across the country

I have used AMJ Campbell now for 15 years to move me across the country and back and all of my loves in between. I have never had an issue until the most recent move which across the country. Back in 2017, I moved my family across the country and all of our belongings went into an AMJ Campbell storage facility for 2 years while we waited construction of our new home. When my belongings (furniture, kitchen foods, etc) arrived at the AMJ storage facility, I received a phone call confirming that everything had arrived and was in storage and facilitated monthly storage fee payment. While the AMJ rep had me on the phone, she so cleverly sold me maximum insurance on my items in storage and promised that if any damage happened to my items, AMJ would replace the items at current market value. Fast forward 2 years and nearly $6,000 in after tax money on just insurance storage fees (that doesn’t include storage fees) my belongings come
out of storage and while thankfully most items were in great condition, there were a few broken items and furniture pieces that had missing parts and not able to be reassembled, since they had been disassembled upon my move out of my residence two years ago. On actual move on day, I also had some last minute surprises of needing to pay an additional $550 in un-crating charges. I paid for this crating and un-crating of all my marble slabs and delicate artwork and heavy mirrors upon my move out and was never told that I would have to pay for un-crating charges at my destination because my items were going into storage for some time, which they were aware of that from the beginning. So a few pieces were damaged, one of which was a set of lamps. These bedside glass lamps were packed poorly by AMJ packers and of course shattered. So I made my claim for these two lamps and when the replacement value came back, I questioned why it was so low and the claim rep advised me that I never put a claim through for the shades. Can someone please explain to me how a lamp is purposeful without the shade. She claims that because I didn’t list the lamp shade on my claim form, they aren’t responsible for replacing it!!! This is absurd. Furthermore, she only came up with that excuse bc when she went to the website of where I got the lamps from, 5 years ago, she saw that they sell the lamp base and lamp shade separately. That is clearly for no other reason than marketing tactics and making more money. Of course when you go and buy a lamp, you have to buy both pieces. That’s a given. Furthermore, because my lamp shades were packed in the same box as the lamp shade and therefore contained the same AMJ moving sticker, that automatically qualifies them as one item! I was not asked to be put into this position? I was unfortunately Put into this position as AMJ carelessly packed my expensive glass lamps. Another item on my claim was for a very large dented lamp shade. I was told that because AMJ didn’t package it properly in a box my insurance doesn’t cover it ! So essentially, it becomes my fault that AMJ didn’t do their job correctly on move out day while I was trying to sort out my family (3 little kids in tow) to move them across the country, I get penalized. I am left to believe the AMJ has been extremely dishonest and unfair in their delivery of their side of the deal after taking my $6,000 in after tax dollars on insurance fees. I was reassured that having this insurance in place would ease the process should anything go wrong. I even pre paid to have the un-packers unpack everything to ensure that if anything was broken, it would be covered! This has not been the case at all! I am an honest and good citizen. I paid my part in ensuring my items were covered and now AMJ is looking for every possible angle to essentially get out of pulling through on their end of the deal...replacing all of my claimed items reported within the 60 day grace period. I have a table that got cracked and it comes with a marble slab on top. I am awaiting for in house inspection of that item and am very worried for the outcome. I also had a rowing machine that was taken apart by the movers on move out day. On move in day, no one wanted to re-assemble it. I put it on the claim as there were missing parts as well and AMJ came back saying I didn’t sign any contract or pay any additional fee to have my items disassembled and reassembled. So why did they so freely take its part in the first place without my consent? Why did they take part all of my beds and many furniture pieces and put them together without any consent. In all of my moves with AMJ Campbell, I have never once been asked to purchase a disassembly and assembly package. All of my furniture has always been taken apart to easily put it in their Tetris organized trucks and then re- assembled upon delivery. As you can see, AMJ has been nothing but a nuisance and Quite frankly has taken my $6,000 after tax dollars and doing everything possible to get out of their end of the deal. You can bet my life, I will never in a million years be giving them another dollar of mine for any of my personal or corporate moves, going forward. I have done all the right things to protect myself, which included laying a ton of money. Their insurance representative doesn’t even care. She has no interest in assisting me and gIves me the same run around response each time we speak. She is useless and Doesn’t have any customer service manners.
I have been under immense stress over this and the whole reason I accepted the insurance coverage was to avoid this stress.

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Company Response

Hi, Angela Thank you for the detailed review and for taking the time to bring this to our attention. We apologize in advance if your experience has been less than what we intended, and can assure you that your concerns are taken seriously. We will begin a process to review and resolve your concern immediately and should you have any additional information that you would like to provide, please send directly to me at

Many thanks, Charlotte