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L. Mitchell from Etobicoke
L. Mitchell from Etobicoke
3 reviews Toronto, ON

Driveway Paving

I had my driveway removed, and repaved by Westview August 2018. The job was done very late in the day, after 4 p.m., and I had read reports where ashphalt poured end of day can be sketchy. Regardless, after the job was done I did have questions regarding the workmanship, and asked for sales rep to come to house. I was told that had to give the driveway time to settle, and be used. No visit ensued. This is strike 1...if a customer has a complaint then it's not asking too much to come out and discuss the matter. There has been some loose ashphalt in spots, and the patio stone leading up to my main door has been loose ever since the driveway was paved. In August of 2019 I emailed the sales rep and indicated that I had noticed cracking in 3 spots on the driveway. He was on vacation but suggested I contact the office to report and it would be dealt with before end of the season. It's now Nov 7th, 2019 and I have placed 3-4 calls to the office from August to-date. Each time I was told an urgent message would be relayed but I am still to hear back! No return call! Strike 2. $4,000 is a lot of money to spend on a driveway, and to get no response from Westview is frustrating. We are now coming into the cold season, and if frost creeps into the cracks i will have more of a problem come spring. I also don't want some half hearted job being done now when the weather isn't optimal. this should have been dealt with late summer/early fall when I reached out to Westview.

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