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***Buyer beware*** Do not use this company.
We purchased blinds from Adriano. We have had nothing but disappointment and excuses from him. There were inordinate delays with ordering the unit and arranging install. The initial product was damaged. When you contact him, he is full of stories and excuses many of which are implausible. I paid in full and upfront. As a result of these delays I was offered a full refund by the blind company. Instead of crediting the refund to me, the company inadvertently provided it to Adriano. After initially agreeing to return the funds to me, Adriano has refused to provide the refund. I have tried to contact him by phone, email and text over the past 2 months. I have made over 20 attempts and he has not returned any messages. I am left with the impression that Adriano is keeping the refund for himself. He represents the worst characteristics in a business owner. He is dishonest and unethical.

There are many honorable and ethical blinds companies on homestars. Adriano is NOT one of them. The value of homestars is to take heed of negative reviews. The theme of all the negative reviews are the same for Adriano. He refuses to deal with issues and is quick to take payment without concern for dispute resolution. Buyer beware and would never recommend this company. Please go with another reputable company on homestars.

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Company Response

*****Contractor Beware***** I've done business with you twice. The first time for your home, you were extremely satisfied. There were delays the second time with the blinds for your rental unit. I didn't give excuses, I told you the truth, the factory was delayed. You were a nightmare client. I came to your unit for our first appointment and waited for an hour past our appointment time, just to call you and find out that the unit didn't even close! How inconsiderate of you. But I still came a second time, I also had installers paid to come install your job. And I made another 3rd followup. 4 paid appointments for a very small rental unit! I was the one who initiated a request for a refund for you by the manufacturer (which, by the way, the refund was to be for the cost of the product which was delayed, not in ANY WAY for the cost of installation and multiple trips that were paid by my business). However, the sales rep that agreed to the refund had NO authority to do so and it was rejected by their management. No credit was EVER received by me and I relayed this to you multiple times. I have proof of this through email from the factory that they were not going to be giving any credits to me for your project. But you continued to believe and spread your lies claiming that you are under the "impression" that I'm keeping it for myself when I have proved to you otherwise? You're not under any impression. Your greed has gone to far. You sent me emails demanding a full refund for a product that you have in your unit or threatening to slander my business as revenge? Just so you know, having something in your unit that you didn't pay for, is stealing. And the only dishonest, unethical person is you, for continuing with your lying fantasy after you've been told the correct information. And for trying to blackmail me with negative reviews on different platforms under decoy names. Shame on you. In addition, your review is conflictive. It states that you paid me up front, and then it also later states that I was quick to take payment without concern for dispute. How could that be the case if you paid upfront? Pick a story.