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Owen M.
Owen M.
5 reviews Toronto, ON

dishwasher repair

First off, I'm not the type of guy who normally writes a bad review, but I definitely feel ripped off by this company.
My less than 4-year-old Samsung dishwasher was having issues and Quality Assured was certified by the manufacturer. On the phone I was lead to believe it might cost $200 or so to fix, but the bill was $400. I debated just buying a new dishwasher at the time, which is what I should have done.
Within a couple of weeks I was having problems again, so they came out to have a look and assured me nothing was wrong. Obviously there was, because less that 1 months later it's broken again with the exact same problem as the 1st time - only now it doesn't work at all.
One would think that under these circumstances they would be obligated to come and actually fix the problem. Unfortunately for me, that's not at all the case. Only the parts replaced are under warranty, the labour isn't so it would cost me another $250.
So my $400 bought me 2 months worth of clean dishes. Next step will be to purchase a new one, expect a shorter life cycle, and never call Quality Assured again.

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Company Response

Owen, looking back at service history I see a repair for error messages you had on your dishwasher back in March. You write this review after paying $380 for sensors and labour which is standard for the industry. You were quoted and agreed to the amount. You failed to mention a complaint shortly after in which we went out for your at no charge and didn't find anything wrong with the appliance. This call was done April 21st (within 30 days from the first call and because nothing was wrong we should have charged but didn't) The only time another charge was discussed was on the third time you contacted us at the end of May. We confirmed warranty was only 30 days for labour as stated on your bill and you were aware of and advised that Samsung should be called to ask for assistance as you stated the error messages were back and you were not happy. As a service provider we understand a customer's upset when having to spend money on repairs on appliances that are so young in age. What happens most often unfortunately is we are asked to absorb costs for appliances that we don't manufacture nor did we sell to you. I hope you have had the opportunity to shop for a new appliance. We ask for the opportunity to help you with your service needs in the future if you ever require assistance. We are in the business to service but it is for a cost.