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Zakir in Newmarket
Zakir in Newmarket
1 review Mississauga, ON

Outdoor lighting whole story in my last email

This was my email to SGI on 27th September 2016 (more than one year) still all my lights are not working still they did not return the transformer. By the way I paid asking prices well in advance and still waiting for full service.
Hello Sapna and Shabbir
"I received your reply that you were in China. I do hope that you have returned from your trip. The last reply I got from you was a bit of annoyance on unnecessarily disturbing you specially regarding circuit breaker which tripped and got reset by your guy. That problem is still there. It was not as simple as you think. Shabbir is an Electrical engineer and he will confirm that the worst nightmare in Electrical/electronic circuits are intermittent faults like leakage current or a loose connection. Let me tell you that the fault in strip light is intermittent and also other lights. I am telling you this after observing it for almost six months. Having said that I do appreciate that you were annoyed on my disturbing but you will have to appreciate my patience, when promise after promise after promise were made for the completion of this job, including $2 dimmer which took months. Even now there is something outstanding little transformer) :). Don’t you think that I paid a heavy price for strip lights and they never really worked, This should annoy me as well.
Someone warned me against the non-solid connection in this weather and offered me solid male -female connections and around 1/5 the price I paid to you. Price is something I should discuss because for such high price your explanation was that you are not getting your supplies from china. I had trust and faith in you. To write this mail I once again waited for your return from China and wanted to know if you take your customer seriously or not. UNQUOTE edited to make it easier for reader

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Company Response

We don’t have a customer Zakir from New Market. The only Zakir we have as a client is on Indian Road in Mississuaga.

Mr. Zakir,

I remember your file clearly because Shabir and I took personal interest in ensuring you were taken care of as we do for all our senior citizen clients. Despite sending a contractor for service, Shabir and I personally came to your home many times just to keep on top of things for you.

Shabir and I have always responded immediately but unfortunately we cannot keep sending contractors out for free as they charge us. Despite this, even though we were on business travel, I did ask you to send me information on the issues so I can try to help. One of the most wonderful things about written communication is that it leaves a paper trail both ways. There was no annoyance on my part in responding to your request for help. While you have put this complaint online about SGi, You failed to put the email I sent you which is attached at the end of my response.

1. We have come out repeatedly to assist you. When we did a service call you realized that your electrician tripped your breaker. We fixed it and you apologized. We did not charge you for that service call that cost us time and money.

2. The next time you called us again to complain that our transformer was dead so your fountain lights not working because. You said you tried everything so it has to be our transformer. Once again we came out and after changing the transformer your fountain lights were still not working. We powered from an external source to find the whole system was working fine. After trouble shooting your power line, and nothing making sense, we insisted on checking if the fountain was switched. We found that you had turned off the fountain from a switch at the door. The switch you said you had checked several times before calling us. Once again you apologized and we did not charge you for that visit because you are one of our senior aged clients. I remember coming to your home for this as this was your second call of complaint and that is already too much for the kind of company we are and service we provide.

3. Products made in China- Just like your cell phone and computer etc. like most other companies in the world, some of our products are also are made in China. We are able to provide a very good quality of product at a great price – you did not pay an excessive amount for your products. The products you have in your home are the same products specified in many large jobs in North America and even in the middle east where there are extreme temperatures. Those products are all working without any issues.

4. There are no leaked currents etc. that you are saying in your email. You need to get your Electrician that did your work to come check what he has done. We have repeatedly done total tests on all our lights and each time it has not been faulty product or service but some issue created by yourself or your electrician. The transformer you are complaining about you never paid for, we offered to give you so you as a courtesy to help you for the fixture you purchased on line that came incomplete. We also told you that you can come by and pick it up any time you wanted.

It is unfortunate that you are writing this complaint. Shabir and I have always taken a special interest in your project and personally responded immediately to your needs. If you are still experiencing issues, please call the office or send us an email. We will try to get you the help you need.

I hope you are doing well otherwise.
Best regards,

From: Sapna Santdasani (SGi Lighting Inc.)
Sent: June 9, 2016 4:24 PM
To: Zakir Ansari Gmail ; Shabir Gova (SGi Lighting Inc.)
Cc: Max Chamsoutdinov (SGi Lighting Inc.)
Subject: RE: Lights report

Hi Zakir,

I am sorry you are having problems with your lights. Your email is unclear as to which light you are referring to, the courtyard or the fountain.

The last service call out to you was for your fountain and we found there was no error on the part of installation or product. It was a power issue that was turned off on your end. We did not charge you for that service call.

It is very busy time now and I don’t have someone I can send over quickly. I am sorry neither Shabir or I can swing by either as we are in China for the month. If you can send photos, or details on exactly what is the problem so we can plan next steps and who I need to send. We would want to resolve this matter for you as soon as possible so you can enjoy the lights in your beautiful home.

The transformer we supplied for the lamps was a courtesy and this is how this transformer became extra (at no charge). It is noted on your account. You can come by and pick it up any time, Power-36-12VAC-20w. Please ask for Max (copied on this email) and he will be able to assist you in our absence. If someone has to come out they can easily bring it with them for you as well.

Shabir and I both hope you are doing well.

From: Zakir Ansari Gmail
Sent: June 9, 2016 4:01 PM
To: Sapna Santdasani (SGi Lighting Inc.) ; Shabir Gova (SGi Lighting Inc.)
Subject: Fw: Lights report

I did not get any reply!!

From: Zakir Ansari Gmail
Sent: Thursday, June 2, 2016 11:54 AM
To: Sapna Santdasani ;
Subject: Lights report

Hi Sapna and Shabbir
Hope you guys are fine and working hard.
We switched on the lights to test. The strip light one portion did not light up and other portion the plastic was hanging (which we just attached back) We have not enjoyed these lights for one full season. Last year when it started working we just closed everything for winter.
AND Shabbir you still owe me a transformer