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H & M from Calgary
H & M from Calgary
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New shower and floor in small bathroom

I wish I could give them a 10 but that is just not possible. Funny how at first, they were johnnie on the spot with their emails and phone calls. Now it is a different story. A few problems occurred and they were out to fix the two leaks in the new shower within a couple of days. They even came out to fix the floor twice, but that was all within 2 weeks of the job being completed. On July 17, I email them with pictures after the second time they tried to fix the floor, to show them that nothing had changed, and was told that they would check with the guys and see what could be done. Two weeks later when I had not heard from them, I sent another email to ask if their silence meant that they had no idea what to do to fix it.

Their reply (and I quote) “I would like to have one of the guys get back in there an remove those couple pieces of vinyl in front of the shower, and replace some of the subfloor, and re lay the vinyl. I believe this to be a final answer/fix to the problem, and then re silicone in front. I unfortunately am one of the ones leaving on holidays as of Tuesday next week. Corrine and Kelsey are aware of what should be done here, and we will try to get this addressed next week. I will be working on putting together a schedule for next week, and will let you know where I think we can get you in.”

I received that email August 1 and responded that I would make sure I stayed home all week and to just let me know if and when. Well guess what…next week has come and gone and once again there has been total silence on their part, and again a second week with not a word from them (today is August 15). I guess they think that being retired seniors we don’t have to be anywhere important so can stay home waiting for weeks on end, but a quick phone call to say “sorry we can’t fit you in this week or next” would have been nice.

I was a fool and believed Wayne when he assured me several times that “they were there for us”. I was fool enough to pay them in full for the job, because I believed they would come and fix any issues we had.

I do love the new shower even though I can’t easily reach the shower head to adjust it because they put it too high, but this is a minor irritation that I can live with. Even the fact that I had to put the screws into the door frame wasn’t a concern to me. I can also live with the fact that they did not put the “MATCHING VINYL PLANK BASEBOARD WITH MDF BUILD UP & CHROME SCHLUTER EDGING” but only put the plank baseboard up with silicone. They offered to do it right or give us a $35 refund. I took the refund (obviously a good decision) because I figured it would be easier to just live with it the way it was rather than have them come in and rip it all apart to do it properly.

The job itself was done quickly and efficiently so I have no complaints there, it is the lack of follow up to fix the mistakes that they made while doing the job that has me frustrated.

I have always tried to support local business rather than the larger national businesses, because I believed them to be more considerate and caring. I guess I have to lower my expectations after this.

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