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Wish I had called them first

Hands-down best wildlife control company I have ever dealt with. I really wish I had called them first, no one is more knowledgeable and helpful than Scott when it comes to wildlife control.

I kept hearing noises coming from the vent above my stove. I called one wildlife control company, who came out, did a 10-second "inspection" of my roof, told me there were no holes and that it must be mice. Told me to call an exterminator.

Called the exterminator, who was at first extremely hesitant to come to my home and, quite frankly, rude on the phone. He ended up coming out a few days later, but was scared to look into the cupboard above the stove where the vent connects to the attic (where the noise was coming from). Instead he went on the roof, found a hole, installed a one-way squirrel door, and proceeded to leave without checking the attic. When I asked him to check the attic, he told me "the attic won't tell me anything, I've already inspected the roof" . Finally, after repeated requests, he poked his head up into the attic for less than a minute and said he will come back to throw down poison.

A few days later, I again heard the noises above my stove in the vent. I called the company who had installed the one-way door. They said they would send the same Technician out to have a look. I asked them to send someone else who would do a better job and was not afraid of animals. They laughed and said they would call me back. Never did.

In the meantime, I called Liddle Rascals. Scott was fully booked for the day, but told me he would do his best to squeeze me in, and he did. He came out to my house twice ON THE SAME DAY I called him. Inspected EVERYTHING, roof, attic, cupboard, vent, EVERYTHING. I tried to pay him, he said "pay me after the job is done" because he was going to come back in a few days and check on the one-way squirrel door he had set-up. He even took down the useless one-way squirrel door the other company put up and patched up the roof. Extremely knowledgeable, extremely reasonably priced as well. Really really wish I had called him first, but live and learn, better late than never.

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