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DB in Hamilton
DB in Hamilton
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Duct Cleaning June 2013

I would not recommend this service, reasons being:
1. they do not normally take out the vent and vacuum via the ducts, only b/c I took out each vent out did they vacuum this way - they said they only needed to stick the rod through the vents (that could not possibly collect everything with such limited movement/access??).
2. Such a mess was left - we have ceiling ducks (retrofit/older home) and no clean up was completed (I took pics of this), there was debris, dust, pieces of things that dropped all over the floors, carpets - what a mess to clean up (they should have vacuumed this up) - we had a baby crawling around so this was not only a mess but a safety issue!
3. Before leaving (they had packed up already) I asked if we could do a walk through (as I wanted to make sure they found each vent - as when I asked at the beginning if they'd like a run down on each vent they said no) - during the walk through I noted a vent that they were unaware of - they said well we've packed everything up.....I said - you need to do this vent (since they said no to the offer to run through each room to point out all vents this was not my error) - disgruntled and unenthusiastically he did the vent. HOWEVER given he missed one - I suspect there were others missed too....
4. After putting a brand new filter in following the service, the amount of black dust that formed in the filter (we have pics) is unbelievable given the ducts were suppose to be dirt free?
5. November Furnace Service - the company that services our furnace took pictures of what our furnace looked like at start up - full of dirt/dust/mites, etc. He assured me that the ducts couldn't possibly have been cleaned well if this is what is left (and that this amount of dust/dirt could not have just appeared in the 5mths since the duct cleaning).
6. Invoice checklist notes "post furnace check" this was checked off however was not demonstrated to us, "clean any mess" checked off - not done!

VERY EXPENSIVE for the terrible service/quality. I would NOT recommend this company.

Hamilton, ON

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Company Response

I spoke to this customer who contacted us ( 6 months ) after the job was complete. Since the customer only paid to have the ducts cleaned and not the furnace I tried to explain the process of DUCT cleaning. The rod they are speaking of is not the suction, it is a high pressure air wand to force the dust and debris down to the vacuum which is connected to the main trunk of the supply right by the furnace. The filter of the furnace collected black dirt after the new furnace was installed. When installing a new furnace you bang the vents to add the new connection from the furnace to the supply and in doing so can loosen the soil , by the way half a year ago when we cleaned their ductwork they didn't have the furnace area cleaned. We service thousands of customers yearly and strive to satisfy them all, re cleaning any areas customers feel could be cleaner. This is very rare occurance. Since it has been so long since the job was done we normally can't guarantee years for the vents to stay clean but I offered to do another cleaning for half of our already low price. Please be aware of companies that call from other countries and offer super cheap prices . lol There is a segment on marketplace about their service and upselling . Mike