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Marta in Edmonton
Marta in Edmonton
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Computer repair

I normally wouldn't think of making a public statement like this, but I figured if it saves someone the grief then it's worth the trouble.

I recently had Claudio from Nerds 2 You come into my home to fix my computer because of a keyboard and mouse pad connectivity problem. In order to do my editing I basically had to use an external mouse rather than the mousepad. Annoying, but other than that, my computer was in good condition. I read this company's reviews and everything looked pretty legit.

When he visited he told me it was a cable problem and proceeded to dismantle my computer in attempts to repair it. He also told me my battery was "pretty much fried and about to catch fire" and I should order a new one together with the new cable.

He kept talking about how Macs are the worse computers out there and they all fail the same way. Now, I'm not computer savvy at all so what I didn't realize at the time is that he had destroyed the original batter by forcing it out and that's why he was ordering a new one.

When he returned to install the parts a few days later he told me the new cable wasn't working and he needed to reorder the cable as it was "probably a manufacturing problem" but it would be just a couple of days.

Several days passed and I didn't hear from him. I do editing work so without a properly working computer, I had my clients anxiously waiting to get their packages in a timely manner. I called him to ask what was taking so long and he replied he'd never heard of a photographer not using a mouse to edit, so he thought I was ok to wait. I was ticked off so he offered to "squeeze me into his tight schedule for the following week"

When he visited next he worked on it for a bit and then proceeded to inform me that this was actually not a cable problem but he could order more parts to repair it. But if I did not want to spend the money he'd reimburse me for the cable and battery. At this point, I wasn't convinced he knew what he was talking about and told him to just leave it there. So he put the old battery back and left.

This is when the fun began as my computer started constantly crashing and giving me error messages. Now it cannot be moved or even touched sometimes without it crashing. I called him back immediately to let him know what was happening and sent him an email with screen-shots of all error messages. His response: "oh how odd, I've never heard of a Mac giving these kinds of errors". Then his phone "glitched" and the call got disconnected.

When I called back it went straight to voice mail. I have since left several messages on his phone. No response. So basically (I'm a bit embarrassed to admit) I paid this person to come and break my working computer.

For a company that advertises "Being Best in Edmonton 2 years in a row", this unprofessional behaviour is completely outrageous. And I felt it should put out there. People get away with these kinds of things because people like me are too mad (or embarrassed) to speak about it. Sorry pal, this is NOT ok. So, lesson learned, but this is my review of your "services" and it's going everywhere. Hopefully, it'll save others some grief and money.

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